Flashback Friday

Flashback FridayIn the late 1980s Boston embarked on its largest construction project in the city’s history. It became known as “The Big Dig”. Critics have pointed to this public works projects as an example of excess and waste, but looking back at the scope of the project and the final result, I am so happy with how it turned out.

Above on the left you see what was referred to as “The Artery”. Initially constructed in the 1950s it was the main highway that ran north to south through the city.  The expressway was also approximately 30-40′ above ground casting huge shadows, creating awful pollution and cleaving the city in two. The Big Dig submerged the expressway and expanded the number of lanes to help move traffic through downtown.  After the green iron girders that supported The Artery were torn down a large park called the Rose Kennedy Greenway (a.k.a The Greenway) took its place. You can see traffic driving into one of the entrance ramps to the submerged highway in the present day photo.  Both images depict the same exact spot along the expressway.

The old image of Boston is courtesy of Dirty Old Boston.  The newer image is from Google Maps.

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2 responses to “Flashback Friday

  1. When I was a consultant, I hated going to Boston during the Big Dig. I remember once leaving Quincy four hours before my flight and waiting in traffic. Thought I was going to miss my flight and that I was going to pee in my pants. Also got out of the rental car to piss in the median. Just did make the flight. Boston must be ever so much better now!


  2. Well-Worth the time, efforts, money… and yes, even the ongoing maintenance. It may still be controversial and its construction problem still make the headline news, but the city is so much the better for the Greenway and keeping the traffic underground. I agree with you, Rob!



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