Hotel review: W Spa and Resort Vieques

W Vieques GroundsI recently returned from my stay at the W Spa and Resort in Vieques, Puerto Rico, and I wanted to share my thoughts about this property.  The grounds are immaculately maintained and the property is beautiful, but if you are to book here, I would strongly recommend the rooms that overlook Whisper Beach in buildings 100, 200, or 300 — they not only have spectacular views, but are much more private. W Hotel viequesW Hotel ViequesOur room (221) was on the second floor and although you cannot see it in the photos above, the balcony is quite large and fairly private.  This sense of seclusion was only enhanced by the fact that the property was mostly empty while we were visiting which was more than fine with me.

Sergio spent most of his time laying out by the two beautiful pools. I spent more time relaxing in one of the many hammocks or sitting by the poolside bar, although I did make sure to spend some time each afternoon at Whisper Beach / Cove, which our room overlooked.  The water was warm and shimmered with those blue-green colors you associate with the Caribbean.W Hotel ViequesThe property is quite expensive, but I was able to use my Starwood Points to ensure that all we had to pay for was nominal fees and whatever we ate and drank.  In spite of the cost, I still am glad to have visited this property and thought spending 4-nights was the perfect amount of time.  If I’d spent more time, I would have wanted to get off of the property to explore the island more. If that would be your intent, then I would suggest renting a house rather than incurring the costs associated with staying at a resort.

Getting There: We were able to fly non-stop from Boston to San Juan Puerto Rico then connect with Cape Air to the island.  The W actually has a sleek lounge for guests waiting to leave or to be picked up and driven to the property which is about 1 mile away, making the entire trip really easy.  The W can also easily arrange transport off the property; depending on where you go and how often you want to leave the property, renting one of the many jeeps (also available at the property) might be a better decision.  For our two jaunts off the property arranging taxi transport ($10 each way for the two of us) was more sensible.

More To Come: We really did have a fantastic trip and I plan on writing a bit more about the food, the spa at the W and of course the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico.

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