Bioluminescent tour in mosquito bay

bioluminescent-mosquito-bay-puerto-ricoIf you do visit Vieques, nearly everyone will tell you to book the bioluminescent tour in mosquito bay.  Unfortunately we were not able to capture by photo the tour experience other than the one of me goofing around before the tour started (see below) so I’ve swiped this image which doesn’t exactly resemble the kayaks we used but is close enough to give you an idea of what this is like.

Eco trips ViequesWe arranged our tour at the W Hotel and the cost, which included transport to and from the hotel, was $50 per person.  We were picked up and dropped off about 20 minutes away from the hotel in a large field with our friendly guide who was preoccupied with getting the group assembled (there were 7 of us total).  He then invited us into what he referred to as his “Shaggy” – think Scooby Doo – van; for the record it actually had shag carpeting inside.  Our guide drove us through a narrow bumpy path to mosquito bay where we hopped into kayaks and spent the next 45 minutes exploring the bay.  Our guide was both humorous and knowledgeable.  We really enjoyed the entire experience and loved kayaking out under the stars.

Suggestions / Comments: We took the 6PM tour with kayaks and this gave us the opportunity to return to our hotel by 8:30pm to grab a dinner and talk about the experience.  While I believe some still snorkel or swim in Mosquito Bay, it is strongly discouraged as it is disturbing and disrupting the ecosystem.  The company we used and, which I’d recommend is called Bieque Eco Trips.

One response to “Bioluminescent tour in mosquito bay

  1. There’s one of these in Cayman and also a good one in Belize as well. I think that there are only a few places that have them. It’s definitely something to see…




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