Dining in Vieques

While staying at the W Spa and Resort in Vieques, we primarily dined at the restaurant and during the day – poolside at the bar.  While one can grab a sandwich or burger from the bar menu, dinners are only served at Sorce.  The hotel restaurant prices are similar to what you would pay at a nice restaurant in Boston with cocktails costing ~ $15 and main dishes ranging from $22 to $38.  Although the food was mostly quite good, I preferred their breakfast menu. Sadly two of our favorite items, the pancakes and the huevos rancheros I failed to photograph, partly because they were inhaled so quickly. Sorce Breakfasts

Our favorite meal came at the suggestion of one of the locals who told us about Sabores, a restaurant in Isabel II (a town 15 minutes away by car) or approximately $10 cab fare from the W. From the oustide, Sabores looks to be nothing special, but the inside is brightly decorated and the food is delicious. Sabores RestaurantI started our dinner with the two large crab cakes shown above ($12), which were the best I’ve had in recent memory and something I would suggest to anyone who asked. After the shared appetizer was cleared, I had Mofongo ($19).  For those unfamiliar with Mofongo, it is a fried plantain-based dish from Puerto Rico that is served with meat in a tomato and chicken broth sauce.  The savory meal is both hearty and addicting and I’m embarrassed to admit I ate the entire meal – barely giving Sergio the chance to get a few bites in edgewise.  All told, our dinner at Sabores came to $70 with tax and tip included.

If you are visiting Vieques and are curious to check out the restaurant note that Sabores is open Wednesday to Sunday from 6 – 10pm.  Call ahead to make reservations at, (787) 741-7000

One response to “Dining in Vieques

  1. My E and I stayed there. I love Vieques. The beaches were empty and peaceful. Is that pink coffee shop still open?



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