Sky Mall early spring 2013 catalog

Sky Mall

This can be all yours courtesy of Sky Mall for $24.95

I have not ridiculed Sky Mall shoppers yet this year, so with a 7 hour flight (you read that correctly) from Boston to San Francisco last week I found myself with ample time to peruse the Early Spring 2013 catalog.  While there were many items that left me scratching my head wondering “Who buys this crap?“, none had me more baffled than the Mounted Squirrel Head.  The write up in the catalog is even more laughable…”Ok, so you didn’t bag this bad boy in person.But you know you would if you could, so we did it for you…

Sky Mall

Sold on the Sky Mall catalog for only $499

I should mention that I felt the Mademoiselle Haute Couture Floor Lamp Statue should receive an honorable mention as well.

I assume the buyer of this product probably purchased the A Christmas Story leg lamp which they sold in their 2012 holiday edition catalog.

2 responses to “Sky Mall early spring 2013 catalog

  1. No. Just no.

    Sometimes we need to help others to help themselves.

    Those Skymall mags should be tossed out at 33,000 feet over a volcano.



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