Puerto Rican Oreos

Puerto Rican OreosLast week when we were at the W in Vieques, we stepped off the property to have dinner in the island town of Isabella 2.  Before hopping in a taxi back to the the resort, we stopped at the local grocery store to pick up some nutritious snacks.  I could not help but notice the placement and similarity of GIROs.

HydroxStrictly for test marketing purposes we picked up a package o GIROs (which sold for about $2 less than Oreos) to sample these cookies.  After eating an entire package, I determined that GIROs are the Puerto Rican version of Hydrox cookies.   Similar in look and taste but not quite the real thing.

One response to “Puerto Rican Oreos

  1. I recall I used to hate Hydrox as a kid.



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