The science of happiness

The science of happinessFeeling down? The experiment in the video below shows that expressing your gratitude is directly linked to the amount of happiness one feels. It is a cute video and one I’d encourage you to both watch and share with others.

7 responses to “The science of happiness

  1. This made me cry too. Its a great reminder to share gratitude as often as possible. It will make the recipient feel good, AND you feel good.


  2. Thanks for sharing this. I am on a quest for happiness and this helped.


  3. mom always taught us this with her “three positive things” at dinner/bedtime.
    we are lucky. Best parents. Best siblings. i love you


  4. For some reason that made me cry.

    Now, can you tell me where I can get that phone receiver that plugs into a cell phone?


  5. Insightful and inspiring, thanks for sharing!


    • MAC you are welcome – we must all share with one another any of the keys to happiness that we find along the path of life. When we use each key we need to share it with others


  6. Greatfullness is important indeed. I hapen to be one of those Reform Jews who believe that it is important to not only study Torah – but to live it. The greatest example is in the prayer called Mourner’s Kaddish. This is sad at the grave or on the anniversary of someone’s death. The amazing thing about this prayer is that it is all about praise and gratitude – it asks for nothing (not even for the deceased). It is a great example of being selflesss.

    Many of the Eastern Religions follow this same path. Be thankful for what you have today. Yesterday has already taken care of itself, tomorrow is not yet in your realm, today is where you can make the difference in your own and other peoples’ lives.



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