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If you’ve lived in Boston long enough you’ve probably dined at Marliave. The restaurant is located down Bosworth Street – a nondescript street between Downtown Crossing and the Granary Burial Grounds. Marliave has been operating since it first opened in 1885, and is named after the original owner, Henry Marliave, a French immigrant from Paris.

Tracey, Life Food Wine, restaurant review

Life Food Wine blogger and BFF Tracey modeling Marliave’s cocktail menu

I recently joined my friend and fellow blogger from Life Food Wine to visit the restaurant. While the space could seriously use some renovations, I can appreciate how regulars may like the eccentric layout and idiosyncrasies of the space. While we both really loved the cocktail menu, we ended up (as we normally do) enjoying a lovely bottle of wine to accompany our meal.

Diners familiar with the establishment will recognize the menu since little has changed; perhaps a sign that the restaurant knows what their clientele like. The two page menu is divided into what I think of as starters or lighter fare: raw bar, appetizers and eggs, that range in price from just a few dollars for raw bar which are priced individually to $18 with most in the $10-$12 range.  The second page of the menu has the main dishes and sides which include: pastas, meat, fish and sandwiches. These range from $15-$36 with most options in the low $20 range, making the Marliave an excellent value when you consider the quality of the food and service that has remained fairly consistent over the years.


Marliave’s tower of roasted beets $12

We started our dinner with a very fall inspired plate of roasted beets that were topped with arugula and stacked high with goat cheese that was slathered on almost like a frosting between three layers of beets.

The salad was beautifully assembled and presented with spiced walnuts and drops of aged balsamic and lemon vinaigrette.


Serving trays add a sense of drama to the service at Marliave

After clearing the salad, our skilled server brought over our main plates in what can only be described as an impressive presentation (yet again) with our dinners served to us like royalty in these serving trays. Want to impress a date? Take them to a restaurant where their meal is presented with a serving tray. I had to prevent myself from saying “Voila!” when our server lifted the lids.


Marliave’s wild salmon $30

Tracey opted for the chicken under a brick which was served with a mushroom risotto for $26. Since I don’t like to have bricks with my dinner I opted after much deliberation for the wild salmon. The filet was cooked exactly as I requested and served with a medley of vegetables and a garlic aioli.

My latest visit to the Marliave was a nice change to my regular dining routine and reminded me that the restaurant continues to provide excellent service and a solid dining experience making it a great option for a date, night out with friends or an evening with colleagues.

10 Bosworth Street
(617) 422-0004

3 responses to “Restaurant review: Marliave

  1. wfritzrasschaert

    Have gone there for many years start going there 26 years ago with my late partner it was one of our favorite places to go and this past summer I went back by myself to relive all the wonderful memories of the place with him and I love that place and everybody should go there



  2. And you must also love athe Groton on Bowdren.


  3. Great night, super company, good food! What more can a girl ask for?



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