Boston Ballet presents “The Sleeping Beauty”

dance, bosartsOne week from today, Friday, April 28th is opening night for Boston Ballet’s production of The Sleeping Beauty, which will run through May 27th at the Boston Opera House.

Click here for more information or to purchase tickets 

For those unfamiliar with this popular ballet, The Sleeping Beauty begins with the christening of Princess Aurora. All the fairies are invited to bestow gifts on the young princess, except for the Fairy Carabosse, who is outraged and gives a spindle to Aurora, announcing that one day the princess will prick her finger on it and die. The Lilac Fairy who has yet to present her gift, undermines the curse by promising Aurora will not die but fall into a deep sleep for 100 years until awakened by a prince’s kiss. As predicted, Aurora pricks her finger on a spindle on her 16th birthday. The Lilac Fairy intervenes and puts Aurora and her kingdom under a sleeping spell. A century later, Prince Desiré meets the Lilac Fairy who leads him to Aurora. His kiss breaks the spell and the ballet concludes with a grand wedding celebration.


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