The Boston Gayllennial: A break up story

gay relationships, gay dating, gayllennialRecently, The Boston Gayllennial, wrote a post about getting dumped. His (now) ex-boyfriend, broke up with him over the phone, saying, “we are too different”. The surprise conversation forced our young gayllennial into a self-reflection spiral that ended with him asking himself (and nearly all his friends), “Do opposites attract or do relationships require you to seek out a carbon copy counterpart to succeed?”

Fortunately, his friend Lenae told him what we all know to be true, that it isn’t an either or answer because people are different. I’d also like to give his girlfriend a shout out for more than just her sage advise. She gets bonus points from yours truly for what she does next to our impressionable gayllennial.

Feel free to read the wonderfully written blog post, THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER: A BREAK UP STORY. I think a lot of you may enjoy his writing and past posts, which are entertaining and anecdotal in nature.

One response to “The Boston Gayllennial: A break up story

  1. thebostongayllennial

    Thanks so much for the feature! And yes, Lenae is the *best* at keeping me grounded and widening my perspective when I start overthinking something! (which is often, ha!)



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