Changes proposed for Uber or Lyft rides to Logan Airport

Travel, air travel, BostonRight now, if you use a ride sharing app to catch a flight leaving Logan airport you’re dropped off right in front of your terminal, but last week Massport unveiled a plan that would redirect where ride-sharing drivers can drop off and pick up passengers (and of course potentially raising their airport fee to $5.00).

According to Massport figures, last year more than 5 million trips were made by cars driving out of the airport empty after dropping off passengers. The changes suggested are aimed at cutting that number by 30% while at the same time, by centralizing a drop off / pick up area (currently proposed to be at the central parking garage), decrease wait times for passengers and encourage more ride sharing drivers to stay at the airport to pick up customers before leaving.

Nothing has been confirmed as yet. You can read the full article here.


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