Kayaking Provincetown harbor

provincetown floating unicorn

While kayaking in Ptown harbor, we met up with this ferocious sea monster.

Each year my friend Ed and I kayak out to Long Point lighthouse then kayak along the interior, curling dunes that protect Provincetown harbor from the open sea until we get to the Red Inn. It really is a great way to see Provinceotwn, mingle with curious seals, bump into others and get some exercise all at once.

Below is my amateur illustration of the route we took after leaving Flyers Boat Rentals. None of the photographs of the pod of seals came out so I opted for a cuter cartoon caricature to show approximately where they were feeding and sunning themselves, but all the other photos were snapped by me.

The weather was picture perfect, and the roughly 3.5 mile trek was made easier because high tide was cresting and there was no headwind. Our first leg had us cutting through the harbor, making a beeline to Long Point lighthouse but as we neared the sandy hook of the tip of the Cape, we noticed a boat full of men in various stages of undress jumping off the boat, swimming and basically just having a good time. I was so clueless and ended up awkwardly kayaking between them. They were good sports about it and since I was all of 5′ from them, I refrained from gawking or taking photos.

provincetownAfter we pulled our kayaks up on the beach we walked around a bit and took the obligatory selfies in front of Long Point lighthouse which was constructed back in the early 1800s.  Neither Ed nor I felt much like sitting still so we put our kayaks back in the water, hugging the coastline and coming to shore so I could snap this photo (see below) which shows how narrow the dunes get: below is a photo of open ocean on the left and Ptown’s sheltered harbor on the right.

After, we aimed our kayaks for the historic Red Inn to enjoy some ‘light refreshments’. En route, we found ourselves surrounded by a pod of about 20 seals. They were both curious and skittish so while it was fun to see them swimming all around us, none of my photos could quite capture the moment.

Part of the reward of all that kayaking, is knowing we will enjoy cold beers and raw bar. After about 2 hours of ‘relaxing’ by the bar, we put our kayaks back in the water one final time to return the rentals. On our way back we stumbled upon these two sea monsters who turned out to be quite friendly and the perfect ending to a great day out in Provincetown.

Provincetown unicornIf you have questions about kayaking in Provincetown or other suggestions should you be planning a visit, feel free to reach out to me.


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