Massachusetts continues to be a leader in public education: Why I think that matters

In an age where many feel like access to a  quality education is only available to the wealthiest it isn’t really surpirsing that many have developed a distrust of our education system.  Over the past 20 years we’ve seen this distrust extend to people who are highly educated and articulate. So perhaps I’m bucking the trend here bragging about Massachusetts recent rankings in US News & World Report of the best high schools in the nation; half of Massachusetts’ high schools are in the top quarter of the national rankings — the highest proportion of any state.

I recognize that there are significant disparities in Massachusetts public education system; those raised in affluent communities absolutely have advantages children in poorer communities do not. However, regardless of party affiliation in this state, there is a genuine commitment to investing in education and it is that consensus that I think helps drives Massachusetts ranking year after year. It is my hope that the “war on education” in our politics and society will stop. Bravo Massachusetts on continuing to excel and your commitment to public education. There is definitely room to improve and addressing inequality in our system ranks fairly high on that list, but kudos for being a leader here.


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