This week on Instagram: fj_alv

Fran Alvarado, handsome, cuteYou may already be following Fran Alvarado who has 200K+ followers and who’s Instagram account I featured in early February. I wanted to share it again because little did he or any of us know how much we would come to rely on the help of Fran and healthcare professionals the world over. This distractingly cute Family doctor from Madrid would contract COVID-19 just weeks after I featured his account. In the weeks that followed, Spain and Madrid in particular would become a flashpoint (second only to Northern Italy). Fortunately he made a complete recovery.

It’s nice to know that there is more to this guy than just his good looks. I’ve always had the utmost respect for those ino healthcare but more now than ever. If you check out Fran’s account you’ll see a number of photos of him in his scrubs as well as many videos (unfortunately I haven’t a clue what he is saying but I can assure you that doesn’t deter me from watching them). Adding this account to your feed will amp up the cute factor significantly.

You can follow this account on Instagram here, inst

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3 responses to “This week on Instagram: fj_alv

  1. I am near Madrid and I can take care of him and pamper him at all the hours he asks me for as long as he wants ….


  2. You do know that you can google translate whatever he writes? The speaking part is still Spanish, but at least is sort of explains it.


  3. Eddie Joe Maltais

    Oh my God, he is sooo cute!!!



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