The handsome Stefanos Tsitsipas

Tennis is a fun sport to play and watch, and players like the 22 year old Greek, Stefanos Tsitsipas, can make it quite distracting as well.

For those who don’t follow tennis quite as faithfully, you may not be familiar with Tsitsipas who turned pro just four years ago in 2016 and is a top 10 player in the world. Stefanos has one of the best backhands in the game, and if he remains injury-free, has the potential to dominate the game with his mental toughness, speed and size (he is 6’4″).

However, I think many of my readers may be less impresssed by my observations and may find watching tennis pleasurable because of his sportsmanship, lean build and handsome face.

Not to mention, Stefanos Tsitsipas can be incredibly graceful on the courts.

And while 27 year old Dominic Thiem may be better known for his ‘assets’ than Stefanos, there is no denying that all the sprints and training required to be one of the best tennis players in the world has filled out his lean physique in a way that will appeal to faithful readers of this blog.

2 responses to “The handsome Stefanos Tsitsipas

  1. Oh yesss… Let me at his tennis ball(s)!


  2. He is really pretty. Nice butt, too. Thiem’s butt is a delicious, welcomed distraction. That booty is perfection.



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