2021 Worldwide Roar calendar

I want to give the WR 2021 calendar a plug. Readers of this blog (I assume) are well aware of this calendar which started in 2009 to raise funds for the rowing program at the University of Warwick. The calendar is comprised of mostly heterosexual athletes who get naked and pose to send a very specific message for gay men: let’s celebrate your sexuality and show that you are welcome in the world of sports.

Starting in 2014 funds raised from past sales were used to form, Sport Allies, a U.K. registered charity. The mission of this charity is to make sport a more inclusive environment for everyone, and the Worldwide Roar remains the charity’s key funder. 

If wall calendars are not your thing, but you like the idea of purchasing merchandise to support this group, check out the link below for other items such as apparel, books, prints and more.


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