Anxious nights

Yesterday’s activities in D.C. championed by the President and the Republican Party (yes, I find the entire Republican Party complicit) had me tossing and turning last night much like I was last spring when I first wrote this poem.

random thoughts ramble through my head
thinking these thoughts are keeping me from bed-
round-n-round, back-n-forth they go
yet where will this lead? i don’t know-

so i toss-n-turn in my bed
with images run amuck in my head-
a restful sleep i need, i know
but that will have to wait til tomorrow-

An image of a terrorist roaming the halls of the U.S. Congress with a Confederate flag, while someone who appears to be “security” doing nothing to stop him.

One response to “Anxious nights

  1. I totally agree, as I have dealt with this too, with many partial nights of sleep ever since
    TWITTLER said ‘I do”! I’m keeping my fingers crossed we SURVIVE another 12 days, and look forward to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, lifting up our country, and our “real” flag!

    People have to realize most politicians that swear to “serve and protect”, only do so for self-gratification . They actually want the power and the money at whatever it takes to get it, even at the sacrifice of those who voted for them!

    As a Nation, there aren’t any contingency plans for disasters, be they manmade or natural…
    ie. 9/11, Katrina, Covid, and now a TERRORIST attack on our sacred Capitol!

    Remember, it’s everyone’s responsibility to have enough to care for themselves for at least 72 hours, as it will take at least that long for those in power to figure out “Who’s the Boss”? 😔

    God Help Us…



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