Saturday morning coffee

Everyone say hello to ROC gymnast, Artur Dalaloyan, who looks like he is really enjoying his cup of coffee. Much thanks to Joe from The Closet Professor for sharing this week’s photograph. Looking at him you’d never guess he’s the Dad of two children. Maybe that’s why he needs coffee in the morning.

6 responses to “Saturday morning coffee

  1. You can say what you want about this beautiful man, but I am totally in love with his beauty!!!
    Those eyes, his cute nose, his pretty mouth and that dimple on his chin make him such a beautiful man!!!


  2. I didn’t know ten year old boys could make babies!


  3. We were amazed that he was even competing after his achilles tendon tear 3 1/2 months ago. Very handsome man, I’d call him ‘Daddy’. 🙂


  4. Very cute… like his brown eyes and
    that “lickable” dimple! 😋



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