Furry Friday

Michael Anthony Bucaram
Michael Anthony Bucaram

Those who live in or spend time in Provincetown will recognize the handsome (and furry) Michael Anthony Bucaram as this week’s Furry Friday, and I’m curious which version you like more the fully bearded or mustached version of Mike? You can find more photos of this handsome guy on his IG account @mikebucaram.

Past Furry Friday

7 responses to “Furry Friday

  1. Spoilt by dreadful tattoos


    • Moving forward let’s build people up and not tear them down. I’m sure the candor had no intended malice but I’d rather see zero comments than people using them to criticize people. Michael is a sweetheart of a guy who makes for a great Furry Friday.


  2. Love the “hairbrush” mustache!


  3. I myself prefer the fully bearded and mustaches version , for some reason he looks sexier, but I’ve always preferred a guy who looks comfortable in his skin


  4. Michael and his husband are studs. Thats a menage I would seriously enjoy.


  5. I love the beard! He looks younger with it, not to mention pretty.



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