ManRay nightclub eyes October opening

ManRay owner, Don Holland, says this time ManRay will really reopen

ManRay (on gay nights Campus) was a popular fetish bar that operated near Central Square from 1985 – 2005. It closed fifteen years ago to make way for condominiums, but last week the local newspaper, Cambridge Day, reported that the popular nightclub appears poised to reopen – not far from the club’s original location. The newspaper reported that ManRay owner, Don Holland, was awarded a liquor license by Cambridge and a 2:00AM closing time for 40 Prospect Street. The space was previously used by Improv Boston but has been empty since they vacated in November 2020.

This is not the first time rumors have swirled about a reopening of this popular bar. Back in 2013 I wrote about how the bar would reopen later in the summer, but that never happened. This time, the space seems to be a better fit and the paperwork with the city of Cambridge appears to be in order. The only question on my mind is if the much loved club reopens, will Campus (gay nights) also return.

Stay tuned. I’l let you know when there is more to share.

One response to “ManRay nightclub eyes October opening

  1. Times have changed. It’s not the 90s anymore.



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