Monday morning mancandy

If you’ve made a resolution to focus on your fitness and health this week’s post is for you.

Scruffy Sunday

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Mass Bears & Cubs annual coat drive

The Mass Bears and Cubs organization is holding their annual Coat Drive – this also includes warm weather clothing like scarves, hats and gloves. They will be collecting donations through February. A collection box has been set up at The Alley Bar (in Downtown Crossing) by the jukebox.

For those who would like to make a donation but cannot get to The Alley Bar in Boston, The Mass Bears & Cubs have pulled together a wish list of what is needed on Amazon that you can look at, here.

If you’d like to learn more about the Mass Bears & Cubs organization, you can visit their website,, check out their Facebook Page, or email them at

Saturday morning coffee

Enjoy your morning cup of coffee with this distracting photo from The Closet Professor blog.

Furry Friday

Thank Gawd It’s Furry Friday (TGIFF).

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BosGuy brain teaser

riddle, exercise for your brainEach Friday morning I post a riddle to get you to think outside the box and exercise your brain. If you are stumped, share it with a friend or colleague and see if you can figure out the answer together. Leave your answer in the comment section.

I’ll approve responses later in the day to give people a chance to respond without seeing any spoilers.

This week’s brain teaser: What is 3/7 chicken, 2/3 cat, and 2/4 goat?

Like riddles? Check out past week’s brain teasers.

What to do this weekend

Boston Gay Bars

The Alley
THURSDAY: Trivia Night w/ Daddy Dave @8PM
FRIDAY: RPDR viewing party 8PM & Dance Floor Open – DJ TBA @10PM
SATURDAY: Dance Floor Open – DJ TBA @10PM
SUNDAY: Bearaoke Night @8PM

THURSDAY: Taco Thursday w/ Pride Sports (come and get’em) 5PM-10PM
FRIDAY: RPDR viewing party w/ Harlow Havoc @8PM & Friday Feels w/ Twisted Gleam @10PM
SATURDAE: So Hot Saturdaes Onesie Anniversary Party w/ DJ Stevie Psyclone @10PM
SUNDAY: Disco Brunch (reservations req’d, here)

Cathedral Station
THURSDAY: Bruins vs Lightening @7PM || Celtics vs Knicks @7:30PM
FRIDAY: Bar and kitchen open
SATURDAY: Bruins vs. Panthers @6PM || Celtics vs Lakers @8:30PM
SUNDAY: NFL Championship: 49ers vs Eagles @3PM || Bengals vs Chiefs @6:30PM

Club Cafe
THURSDAY: Discoteca Musica w/ DJ Begbick @10PM
FRIDAY: RPDR viewing party @8PM & DJ Stevie Psyclone @10PM
SATURDAY: Dance your ass off w/ DJ Brian Derrick @10PM
SUNDAY FUNDAY: Brunch (make reservation here) @11AM | CommuniTEA party w/ DJ Aga @4PM

FRIDAY: Karaoke w/ DJ Bobby Knight @10PM
SATURDAY: Dancefloor open DJ TBA @10PM

Jacques Cabaret
THURSDAY: Now That’s What I Call A Drag Show hosted by Crystal Crawford
FRIDAY: Drag Me To The Main Stage hosted by Dee De Ray
SATURDAY: Drag Me To The Main Stage hosted by Destiny
SUNDAY: Sunday Fun Day – Open Mic night w/ Mitzzy @7PM

Legacy & Candibar (Gay Mafia Boston)
THURSDAY: Serve! Thursday w/ DJ Coleslaw @10PM
FRIDAY: Bussdown Friday w/ DJ Frenchy @10PM
SATURDAY: Saturday at Legacy w/ DJ J Warren @10PM
SUNDAY: Hot Mess Sundays at Candibar @10PM

ManRay / Campus
THURSDAY: Campus (19+) w/ DJ Curtis Atchison @10PM
FRIDAY: CHROME w/ DJ Chris Ewen @10PM
SATURDAY: Heroes (New Wave & Post Punk) w/ DJ Chris Ewen @10PM

Trophy Room
THURSDAY: Bruins vs Lightening @7PM || Celtics vs Knicks @7:30PM
FRIDAY: Bar and kitchen open
SATURDAY: Bruins vs. Panthers @6PM || Celtics vs Lakers @8:30PM
SUNDAY: NFL Championship: 49ers vs Eagles @3PM || Bengals vs Chiefs @6:30PM

LGBTQ+ Programming / Events

THURSDAY: Boston Pride Hockey Thursday Night Pick-Up Skate in Cambridge @9PM

THURSDAY: Thirsty Thursgay downstairs at Game On! @10PM

THURSDAY: Queeraoke is at Midway Cafe @10PM

FRIDAY: LGBTQ+ Job Fair with MASS LGBT Chamber of Commerce at Boston Park Plaza 10AM-2PM

FRIDAY: Pole Dance & Burlesque Show at Club Cafe @7:30PM

SATURDAY: Latino Night Mardi Gras Party at La Maquina Nightclub @9PM

SUNDAY: Bearaoke is at The Alley @8PM



Some drag brunches require tickets purchased ahead of time. Click the event links shared below for ticketing and reservation information.

Cher & Madonna Drag Brunch
Saturday @11AM & again @2PM
Summer Shack

Illusions The Drag Brunch Boston
Saturday & Sunday shows @1:30PM
Hosted upstairs at Hennessey’s (Downtown)

Drag Tease: 90’s Babies
Sunday @11AM
Lansdowne Pub

Drag Me To Brunch
Sunday @2PM
Carrie Nation Cocktail Club (Beacon Hill)

And finally… another resource for what is happening at Boston gay bars is KikiPedia.

Vintage gay

I love this photograph which (like last week’s post) I believe dates back to the late 19th century. Can anyone glean any details from the clothes they are wearing or the furniture in the lower left of the photograph?

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Boston Gay Mens Chorus ambitous outreach program documentary: Music Triumphs Homophobia

Pardon while I brag a bit about the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus (BGMC) which recently released a new 2 hour documentary that shares the positive impact BGMC has had in fighting homophobia here in the US and around the world through the power of their music and making their presence known.

The documentary, “Music Triumphs Homophobia,” shares the impact BGMC has had in recent years, traveling to and performing in places openly hostile to the LGBTQ+ community, like Poland, Turkey, and South Africa. I promise you’ll feel moved and inspired by the work this organization has done when you watch the documentary’s two minute trailer.

Where to watch: Amazon

Caption this photo

Hopefully the caption I’ve shared below inspires you to offer up one or two of your own. Leave a funny caption in the comment section, and I’ll approve it for readers to enjoy.

I’m too sexy for my shirt
Too sexy for my shirt
So sexy it hurts

Hasty Pudding Theatre: 174 Cosmic Relief!

The Hasty Pudding Theatre is America’s oldest theater company in the United States. This tiny theater tucked into a side street across from Harvard Yard is often overlooked, and I wanted to give the troupe a shout out. If you’re looking for a fun evening out at the theater that won’t break the bank, check out this year’s production, HPT: 174 Cosmic Relief! Tickets start at a very reasonable $35 and are worth every penny.

HPT 174: Cosmic Relief!

Houston, we have a problem: FBI agent LAUREN ORDER has tanked the Apollo Mission again! Since Lauren turned her communist mother in to the FBI as a child, the Bureau has been her home — but after losing all of her puppy test-astronauts to the cosmos and sending America’s space race chances hurtling, she’s been demoted to the place of a government agent’s nightmares: Hollywood. On her way to bust failed director WORSE N. WELLES’s production of a sci-fi movie with communist undertones, Lauren has a realization: if she can’t make a real moon landing happen, why not fake one instead? With the help of resident diva SHIRLEY UVERDOVME, lovable but dim leading man THEODORE MEE, spacey hippie AUNTY ESTABLISHMENT, method actress ESTHER TERRESTRIAL, and professional extra JUSTIN D’BACKCROWNED, will this production studio successfully feign one giant leap for mankind? Will tap-dancing child actor MANNIE! VENTUALLYWILLFALL finally find someone to adopt him? Will Lauren’s lost space pup LASSIE NINORBETTE find her way back home? And, for Neptune’s sake, will ousted NASA scientist NOAH CREDITED, Ph.D. finally find a use for his squeak ray? Take one small step into Farkas Hall this spring to find out as HPT proudly presents its 174th production: COSMIC RELIEF!

Written By: Maureen Clare and Matthew Cole

February 5th to March 5th
Get Your Tickets Here

If you love campy productions – the Hasty Pudding Theater is for you!

Temptation Tuesday

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Men in kilts

It has been far too long since I last posted a photograph of the Kilted Coaches so when I stumbled upon this photograph of Stephen Clarke and Rab Shields I knew I wanted to share it on my weekly men in kilts post.

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Monday morning mancandy

Much thanks to Bob over at I Should Be Laughing blog for introducing me to Mike Piek in a post on his blog in late December. According to Bob this Dutch model is also a schoolteacher who works with children who have physical and mental challenges. If that doesn’t make this week’s mancandy all the sweeter, I don’t know what more I can offer.

You can see more of Mike Piek on IG, here.

Much thanks to GayBodyBlog.coom where I found this photo of Mike.

Scruffy Sunday

Looks like this guy has gone from the bed to the couch. I think that I may do the same.

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