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Saturday morning coffee

Much thanks to Seduced by the New for sharing this video from Instagram. I’ve never shared a video for this weekly post, but exceptions can be made.

Scruffy Sunday

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Happy Birthday United States

thebostonpops, Instagram

There will be no celebration at the Hatch Shell this year and the dubious weather this weekend has put many plans in doubt for those in the Boston area so to help heat things up, I’ve added some July 4th themed mancandy below.

Independence Day

Canada Day

On this day in 1867 the British North American Act (a.k.a. Constitution Act) was enacted and is now referred to as “Canada Day”. The holiday is celebrated similar to the July 4th holiday in the United States, with parades, family barbecues and fireworks. In 2018, Sergio and I traveled to Montreal, which also (when there isn’t a pandemic) hosts Jazzfest at the same time. I wrote about the trip, here.