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John Michael Gray (one half of the Hat Sisters)

john-michael-gray-hat-sisterBoston and Provincetown’s gay community is a little less fabulous today.

John Michael Gray who is survived by his husband Tim O’Connor have been known far beyond Boston and Provincetown as the iconic “Hat Sisters” for as long as I have lived in Boston.

For those of you from Boston and Provincetown, I’m sure your Facebook feed is already flooded with tributes and photos of these two very special men, and I wanted to join in my own way by sharing how much I love these two. I want to also express my profound respect for how their love for each other and Boston and Provincetown helped many of us become a little more comfortable with ourselves and feel welcomed. My fondest memories of John are of him having drinks at Fritz on Chandler Street, lighting the Pride Lights tree on Tremont Street each year and of course his fabulous entrance to Tea Dances at the Boatslip in Provincetown.

My heart is breaking for Tim O’Connor.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Tim with the medical costs incurred. You can learn more and help Tim by visiting the page here.

What Iconic Boston Street Are You?

boston-streetsPerhaps you’ve seen friends posting different streets in your news feed? It turns out that BuzzFeed has a rather fun survey that takes about 30 seconds to navigate, answering questions like choosing your ideal food, how you like to spend a Sunday afternoon, etc…

Based on your answers BuzzFeed shares what “Iconic Boston Street” your personality most resembles. Although highly unscientific it is still a lot of fun. As it turns out I’m most like Charles Street in Beacon Hill. What are you?

What Iconic Boston Street Are You?


South End Open Studios is this weekend

south-end-open-studios-bostonIn 1986 a group of artists at the Boston Center for the Arts invited friends and neighbors into their studios to view their art. As more artists became interested in the event, the United South End Artists was formed, and the South End Open Studios weekend came into being.

Today the South End Open Studios includes a dozen studio buildings and more than 250 artists, encompassing all of Boston’s South End neighborhood. This year will mark their 30th anniversary so come over to the South End.

Saturday morning coffee

saturday-morning-coffee-with-chris-nogiecThis week’s photo is of a personal trainer, model and Ph.D. so his good looks are matched by a strong mind. Want to know more about this handsome Bostonian? Check out his website at nogiec.com.

Saturday morning comic: Adam and Andy

gay comic, gay cartoonClick on the comic strip to enlarge

ADAM & ANDY is set in the fictional New England town of Woodfield, CT. You can learn more about this strip by visiting, adamandandy.com.  To see previous Adam and Andy cartoons link here.

Bonus fur


Enjoy the weekend and thanks for stopping by to check out my blog.

Gay Portugal (and The Late Birds)

gay portugal, gay porto, Club Lusitano

PORTO: Sergio and I were lucky to meet a native in Porto who showed us around his hometown and pointed us to two gay bars which we enjoyed getting visiting. The first gay bar, Conceição, is located not far from where we had dinner at Flow on Rua da Conceição. I would describe the place as a dive bar but it has a friendly crowd, the bartenders pour great drinks and it gets busy a bit earlier than the larger gay club, Lusitano (shown above), that was mostly empty when we arrived at 11:30PM, but started to fill up after Midnight.

LISBON: Lisbon is a much larger city than Porto and has many more options with most located in Bairro Alto and neighboring Principe Real. A pamphlet called “Lisbon Gay Circuit” is available at many clubs and show fifty different destinations that include clubs, saunas, food, services and accommodations.The Late Birds

Lisbon also has a wonderful all male guest house called The Late Birds that we stayed at and which I would encourage gay travelers to consider.

Upon arriving, the staff encourage you to download their own app called “The Late Birds Lisbon” (shown above), which makes getting around the city very easy. I’m amazed that larger hotel chains have not done this already, but that forward thinking, concierge-like service really defined the experience we enjoyed while staying there. Below are a few photos of our room and the property.The Late BirdsThe Late BirdsThe Late BirdsIf you have any questions about gay life in Portugal or would like to know more about The Late Birds, feel free to reach out to me. I’m happy to provide more details about places to check out when you visit.