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LGBT travel survey

gay-travelCommunity Marketing Insights has another LGBT Travel survey that you may be interested in taking. It took me less than 10 minutes to fill out the online survey.

This survey is for LGBT travelers who have been to South America, Central America and The Caribbean in the past three years.  As an added incentive, CMI is offering cash prizes to twenty different people who complete the survey.

CMI LGBT Travel Survey

Word of the day: Fabulous

Edina, Patsy, Edina & PatsyFabulous (\ˈfa-byə-ləs\ adjective
Definition: A perfectly acceptable way to describe oneself and to use freely to show your approval.
Example: You look absolutely fabulous.

Caption this photo

humorEach Wednesday morning I post a photograph and ask readers to offer a funny caption.  Hopefully the caption below inspires you to share a few of your own.


Dick of the day: Bill O’Reilly

Bill O'ReillyI couldn’t make this crap up if I tried. Responding to Michelle Obama’s inspiring speech from the previous night Bill O’Reilly felt the need to point out that the slaves referenced in Michelle Obama’s speech were “well fed and had decent lodgings.” Pardon my language but are you fucking kidding me? Does he mean to infer that these slaves should have been happy about their bondage? Does he mean that we shouldn’t be proud of the progress our country has made with regards to civil rights? What does he mean? Below I’ve included an excerpt of Michelle Obama’s speech which O’Reilly felt the need to critique.

“That is the story of this country, the story that has brought me [Michelle Obama] to this stage tonight, the story of generations of people who felt the lash of bondage, the shame of servitude, the sting of segregation, but who kept on striving and hoping and doing what needs to be done. But today I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves, and I watch my daughters, two beautiful, intelligent black young women playing with their dogs on the white house lawn. And because of Hillary Clinton, my daughters and all our sons and daughters, now take for granted that a woman can be president of the United States.” – Michelle Obama

Bill O’Reilly’s ugly commentary reminds me of what Michelle Obama said she and Barack tell their daughters when people take the low road in politics:

Michelle Obama

Which picture looks like a America to you


Photos of Rep. & Dem. Party interns in D.C. illustrate a divide that is difficult to overlook

Earlier this month House Speaker Ryan snapped a photo of Republican interns in Washington, D.C. and a few days later the photo on the right of Democrat interns was shared. All the interns deserve a lot of credit and respect for getting involved in our political process, which is more than most Americans can say.

However, the Republican party needs to deal with their lack of diversity if they want to have a future as a national party.  The US Census Bureau estimates the minority population will  to rise to 56% of the total population by 2060, compared with 38% in 2014, but declining birth rates with white Americans could make this a reality even more quickly.

Which photo best exemplifies America as the world’s Melting Pot?

I understand that economics is a big motivator for people who vote Republican (at least around New England). What I can’t understand is why one would ever tolerate a party that has through their rhetoric and policies made their party an island closed to anyone who doesn’t look or talk like them. Ryan’s photo is a tangible example that the lip service the Republican Party pays to diversity and empowering minorities is a problem. For everyone’s sake I hope the Republican Party will evolve on this issue. The US needs more political options not fewer, but if they can’t get their act together I predict the Republican Party shall go the way of the dodo bird; and if they can’t moderate themselves I say good riddance.

Gay Vermont: Rock River Preservation

Source: Frog Meadow B&B

Source: Frog Meadow B&B

With Provincetown, Ogunquit, Newport and the islands it is easy to forget about Vermont as a gay-friendly summer destination where you and someone special or a group of friends can get away and forget about life for a few days.

Gay travelers have been heading to Southern Vermont’s swimming holes at Rock River to enjoy the natural beauty and serenity that comes from spending time in the Green Mountain State.  While there are several gay friendly B&Bs in the area Frog Meadow Country B&B owned by Dave & Scott looks like it might be a fun place to base a trip if you are not into camping.

Sergio and I have put this destination on our list of places to check out since neither of us have visited before.  Have you visited Rock River or Frog Meadow B&B? Please share any tips in the comments section.

Temptation Tuesday

hunk, hot, denimIf I looked this good in denim, I’d walk around in nothing else too.

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