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Word of the day: Camp

Word of the dayCamp (\ˈkamp\verb
Definition: to mimick or exaggerate gestures, behaviors, conversational styles and emotions, by parodying stereotypes and social conventions.
Example: For generations gay men have used camp to express their frustrations.

Black Friday

shirtless, wicked gawjus, black, black man, absBlack Friday is traditionally considered the start of the Christmas shopping season and is best characterized mad house of crazed shoppers invading every mall and retail shop. As a result, each “Black Friday” I share my version, which I think most of my readers will agree is far more palatable than heading to a mall.

Word of the day: Shade

Shade (\ˈshād\ noun
Definition: acting in a casual or disrespectful manner towards someone.
Example: My friends looked me up and down when I talked about what I was going to eat tomorrow for Thanksgiving, and I was like, stop with the shade.

Fork you

gay humor, To balance the rather serious nature of this morning’s post about the rally against hate at the State House (I can’t even put into words how disturbing it is that these calls for action are even necessary), here’s a bit of humor.

I’m sure every gay or lesbian couple reading this has at one time been asked which one of them is the fork.  By the way, when I’ve been asked that question in the past my response has been, “fork you”, always said with a smile of course.

What to do this week: November 21 – 27

Gay thanksgivingWhat to do this week:  November 21-27th

Massachusetts Speaks Out Against Hate is a rally in response to a rise of hate crimes on Monday, November 21 11AM-12PM at The State House in Boston

Club Cafe Staff Drag Show will raise funds for the Harbor to the Bay charity, starting at 7:30PM on Tuesday, November 22 at Club Cafe in Boston

Karaoke Night starts at 10PM every Tuesday at Jacques in Boston

Billiards Night is every Tuesday at Mainestreet Bar in Ogunquit

Showtune Tuesday hosted by VJ Ryan Grow starts at 9PM every Tuesday at dbar in Dorchester

November Project: Stair workout at Harvard takes place at the Harvard Stadium from 6:30 – 7:30AM every Wednesday in Boston

Stump Trivia lets you impress your friends with all the trivia you know from 5PM – 10PM every Wednesday at Cathedral Station in Boston

Karaoke Kween is a lot of fun and if you’re good you may nab the $75 cash prize at the end of the night – hosted every Wednesday at Club Cafe in Boston

Thanksgiving Eve Bash at Icon with Nina Flowers and DJ Begbick on Wednesday, November 23 in Boston


Thanksgiving Eve 80s Dance Party listen to your favorite music from the 1980s at dbar on Thanksgiving Eve, Wednesday, November 23 in Dorchester

THUMP Thursdaes is every Thursday at Peggy O’Neil’s Pub in Dorchester

QuICK Weekly Climb starts at 6PM at Brooklyn Boulders on Friday, November 25 in Somerville

Casual Fridays Gaga vs. Madonna starts at 10PM at The Alley Bar on Friday, November 25 in Boston

After Midnight Movie Series Presents: Red Sonja this week at The Coolidge starting at 11:59PM on Friday, November  25 in Brookline

Controversy is the weekly gay hip hop dancehall party that starts at 10PM at Machine every Saturday in Boston

Dont Ask Dont Tell: Virgin Nights II hosts their monthly queer dance party and drag show at Great Scott on Saturday, November 26 in Allston

So Hot Saturdaes hosts their last party of the year with DJ James Jay at Peggy O’Neils on Saturday, November 26 in Dorchester

gay boston, rafael sanchez

Saga Saturdays is Boston’s newest gay night featuring some of the best DJs and plenty of great dancing at Paradise in Cambridge

Ego Saturdays with DJ Richie LaDue from 10PM – 3AM in Providence

Back 2 Basics Tea Dance never has a cover and always has great music from 70s 80s & 90s, starting at 5PM no cover every Sunday at Club Cafe in Boston

Safe in Sound Sundays is a new EDM night from 9PM – 1AM at the Dark Lady in Providence

Send me information about your upcoming programs and events in my blog’s comment section or message me the details on Facebook.

Bears Tea at Club Cafe this afternoon

bears-tea-at-club-cafeLooking for something to do this afternoon? Check out the monthly Bears Tea Dance at Club Cafe with DJ Brian Halligan, which starts at 5PM – No cover ever.

Francesc Gascó & Matt Lister pose for Lee Faircloth in latest issue of Fantastics Mag

Lee Faircloth, Fantastics MagazineMuch thanks to the Accidental Bear blog for bringing this magazine and shoot to my attention.  Colorado photographer, Lee Faircloth shared provocative photos of the very handsome models Francesc Gascó & Matt Lister.

I’ve selected one of my favorite photographs to tempt you, but you can check out all the photos in the latest issue of Fantastics Mag.