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Trophy Room’s next Glam Brunch Bingo is March 26th

Drag Bingo Brunch, gay bostonThe Trophy Room’s first Drag Glam Brunch proved to be so popular that they are hosting another later this month on Sunday, March 26th.

Sergio and I stopped by for their first Drag Bingo Brunch on Sunday, February 19th and the place was packed so if you plan on attending, get there early. Below I’ve included a few photos from the inaugural Glam Brunch. To see more visit Trophy Room’s Facebook page, facebook.com/trophyboston.

gay boston gay bostongay boston

LGBT group denied to march in Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade

gay boston, lgbt rightsIn case you missed it, today’s Boston Globe is reporting something I read on Facebook last night, but didn’t believe (this is the age of fake news after all).

It appears that the Gay veterans group (OUTVETS), which has marched in the two previous St. Patrick’s Day parades in Boston is saying it was denied spot in South Boston parade later this month.

OUTVETS posted a statement on its Facebook page late Tuesday. Ed Flynn, a South Boston resident and a member of the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council — the parade’s organizer — confirmed that the group did not receive approval to participate in the March 19th parade.

Thus far neither Mayor Walsh nor Governor Baker have commented and the organizers of the parade which voted 9-4 against allowing the veterans group to march in the parade had not returned emails by the time the article published.

Follow the OUTVETS facebook page for updates.

You can read the full Boston Globe article here.

Men will be men: Public sex from the Tuileries to the Fenway

homoeroticLater this month The History Project’s Out in Public lecture series will host its first event when they discuss the uniquely gay phenomenon  (and somewhat taboo subject) of “cruising”. How did this evolve over time and what can we learn about the men who turned to the public parks of Paris three centuries ago?

This lecture by Stephen Shapiro of Bennington College and Marvin Kabakoff of The History Project will share some of their stories and provide an informative and engaging presentation on the evolution of men’s subterranean sexual activity. Click here to learn more about the Boston-based The History Project.

gay boston

Tuileries, Paris, 18th Century

When: Tuesday, March 28th at 6:30PM
Where: Fenway Health – 1340 Boylston Street (10th Floor), Boston

While the event is free and open to the public, seating is limited so reservations are strongly recommended. Reserve your tickets here.

P.S.A. on access to bathrooms for trans people

LGBTQ, Trans Community, gay BostonTake a moment to watch this P.S.A. regarding laws in some states that look to restrict bathroom access to the Trans population.

The video opens with this very valid point, “Every year, some fool tries to trick people into thinking this is an issue,” activists said in the video. “And somehow thinks the way to protect privacy and bathrooms is by policing them? The biggest irony is that their solution will create the very thing they’re trying to stop.”

However my favorite point shared is “more U.S. Senators have been arrested for public misconduct in bathrooms than trans people.”

#HoldTight campaign

When you feel like letting go… #HoldTight.


A new advertisement campaign from Australian bank ANZ is urging LGBT couples to hold hands during difficult times with its #HoldTight campaign.

Ever since the U.S. Presidential election in November hate crimes have risen. According to The Southern Poverty Law Center an astounding 867 cases of hateful harassment or intimidation in the United States were reported in the 10 days following the November 8 election. While many of these cases are directed at minorities and foreigners, the LGBT community has been targeted as well, making ANZ’s message relevant here in the U.S. Be safe and #HoldTight.

Fenway Health Men’s Event is March 11

Fenway Health Men's EventIn two weeks Fenway Health will host one of the largest LGBT fundraisers in New England.  The Men’s Event, which takes place on Saturday, March 11th will draw more than 1,300 supporters to raise funds for one of the nation’s largest LGBT clinics and to bring our community together to celebrate our accomplishments. Unlike recent years, a chilling shift in political currents has taken place in the United States and after having a friend in the White House for the past eight years, the LGBT community finds itself facing a President who says he’s a friend but who’s actions indicate something very different.

It is important for our community to come together and support each other which is one reason Sergio and I will be attending this year’s program. Tickets remain available for the 2016 Men’s Event on Saturday, March 19. To learn more about the event or to purchase tickets visit, mensevent.org.

To give you a taste, here is a video of Fenway Men’s event from a few years ago. 

Gay and bisexual men spend a lot of time on Grindr

gay dating apps, gay hook up apps, gay datingWhile there is no shortage of dating apps on the market, a new study from New York City-based research firm, 7Park Data finds that Grindr tops the list when it comes to user engagement with the average user spending 2.75 hours a week, far surpassing other dating apps like Badoo and Tinder. Read into this what you will, but it won’t come as a surprise to gay men familiar with the app.

Grindr first launched in 2009 and is widely credited (or complained about – it all depends on your perspective) for transforming the way millions of smartphone bisexual and gay men interact with each other. Grindr now has more than 5 million monthly active users.

For more information about this visit: Yahoo Tech News.

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