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Bears Tea at Club Cafe this afternoon

bears-tea-at-club-cafeLooking for something to do this afternoon? Check out the monthly Bears Tea Dance at Club Cafe with DJ Brian Halligan, which starts at 5PM – No cover ever.

Francesc Gascó & Matt Lister pose for Lee Faircloth in latest issue of Fantastics Mag

Lee Faircloth, Fantastics MagazineMuch thanks to the Accidental Bear blog for bringing this magazine and shoot to my attention.  Colorado photographer, Lee Faircloth shared provocative photos of the very handsome models Francesc Gascó & Matt Lister.

I’ve selected one of my favorite photographs to tempt you, but you can check out all the photos in the latest issue of Fantastics Mag.

Word of the day: YAAAAAS

word of the day, yaaaaas, super heroYAAAAAS (\ˈyaaaaas\noun
Definition: What many gay men shout when they are very happy.
Example: If you are gay, you likely just uttered, “YAAAAAS” when you saw the photograph above, making the need to provide an example this week pointless.

Andy Cohen coming to Boston (tickets now on sale)

andy-cohenThe Harvard Book Store welcomes Emmy Award–winning television executive and Watch What Happens: Live host Andy Cohen—author of Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture and The Andy Cohen Diaries—for a discussion of his latest book, Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries.  Andy will be joined in-conversation by WBUR’s Robin Young.

Use the link below to nab a slight discount in ticket prices thanks to those fabulous people over at The Welcoming Committee.

Andy Cohen at Back Bay Events Center – Friday, Nov 18

Tickets went on sale earlier today so don’t delay.

Word of the day: Kiki

Kiki Beach on M Street BostonKiki (\ˈkē-kē\noun and verb
Definition: A party including good music and good friends that may involve salacious gossip.
Example: (noun) I need to let loose tonight, I’m hosting a kiki.
(verb) I need to let loose tonight, let’s kiki.

Disgraced Republican Congressman, Aaron Schock, at WeHo Halloween parade

SchadenfreudeTowleroad via World of Wonder blog, brought to my attention the disgraced former U.S. Republican Congressman, Aaron Schock, was seen at the West Hollywood Halloween parade. While his presence doesn’t confirm Schock is a Friend of Dorothy, it does nothing to quell those rumors. Schock who rose to prominence in the Republican Party in part due to his youth and good looks, never was a friend of the gay community and proved to be hostile to any legislation that would help protect our community from discrimination.

The Congressman ultimately resigned in March 2015 to avoid a congressional ethics inquiry after misappropriation of funds on everything from airplane flights to his office decor was reported. As recently as last month, Schock agreed to pay a $10,000 civil penalty to the Federal Election Commission, but he has otherwise avoided any other fines or sentencing.

Earlier this year Titan Men released a gay porn parody titled, “Cauke for President” based on Schock. The film centered around a homophobic US Senator named Mike Cauke. Twitter and Instagram social media posts for Mike Cauke repeatedly called out Shock (see below).aaron schock, Titan Men


BuzzFeed’s latest survey asks are you a Top or Bottom

gay sexual position preferencesI know that BuzzFeed has rebranded the company as a news organization, but I still think of them as the king of endless top ten lists and mindless, unscientific surveys like this one which they posted last Monday.

For the record, I was pegged as 66% Top and 34% Bottom – no comment on the accuracy of the survey. Curious to see how you stack up? You can take the online quiz – it takes just a few minutes time.

Are you a Top or a Bottom – Take the BuzzFeed survey