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Word of the day: Bye Felicia

Donald TrumpI like to think of my blog as an important, educational site that can help you expand your vocabulary.  Today’s vocabulary word is actually a commonly used phrase that I’ve waited to use this week, during the Republican Nat’l Convention.

Bye Felicia  
Type of speech: exclamation

Definition: When someone says something and you don’t want to hear another word come out of their mouth their name becomes “Felicia”, a random bitch that nobody likes or takes seriously. It is general practice to tell Felicia to go away

Example: Whenever the news shows me a photo of this angry orange man I can’t help myself but say “bye Felicia”.

What to do this week: July 18 – 24

Sand Castle Revere Beach

Revere Beach International Sand Sculpting Festival July 22 thru July 24

What to do this week: July 18th – 24th 

I Love the 90s Tea Dance starts at 4PM each Monday at Boatslip in Ptown

Opus Affair is hosting their monthly social from 6-9PM at Highball Lounge in the NineZero Hotel on Tuesday in Boston

Geek Trivia is guaranteed fun and has lots of prizes (trivia starts at 8pm) hosted every Tuesday at Club Cafe in Boston

Karaoke Night starts at 10PM every Tuesday at Jacques in Boston

The Fellows monthly gathering of 30+ somethings takes place at Koy near Faneuil Hall from 7:00 – 9:30PM on Wednesday in Boston

November Project: Stair workout at Harvard takes place at the Harvard Stadium from 6:30-7:30 AM every Wednesday in Boston

Commonwealth Shakespeare CompanyFree Shakespeare on the Common returns to the Boston Common starting Wednesday July 20 and runs through Sunday, August 7 in Boston

Stump Trivia lets you impress your friends with all the trivia you know from 5PM – 10PM every Wednesday at Cathedral Station in Boston

50 Shades of Bey takes place at the Oberon Theater (get your tickets before it sells out) on Thursday and Friday in Cambridge

International Sand Sculpting Festival is pretty awesome to see if you’ve never checked it out before Friday, July 22 thru Sunday, July 24 at Revere Beach

Newport Folk Festival opens Friday, July 22 and runs through Sunday, July 24 in Newport RI

Fascination Fridays is a monthly fetish party hosted the fourth Friday of each month starting at 9PM in the basement of Jacques Underground  in Boston

Therapy GLOW party 18+ from 11:55PM to 5:00 AM starting on Friday, June 24 in Providence

Kiki at M Street Beach in Southie is every Saturday (just look  for all the speedos) in Boston

Manhunt Pool Party Men 5Manhunt Pool Party takes place from 2PM – 6PM $25 at the door gets you access, food and drink (and plenty of fun) Saturday, June 23 in Brookline

South End Open Market and SOWA Open Market return separately in the South End every Sunday from 10am – 4pm in Boston

Back 2 Basics Tea Dance never has a cover and always has great music from 70s 80s & 90s, starting at 5PM no cover every Sunday at Club Cafe in Boston

Send me information about your upcoming programs and events in my blog’s comment section or message me the details on Facebook.

Bearz Tea Dance at Club Cafe today

Bearz Tea at Club CafeLooking for something fun to do this afternoon? Head over to Club Cafe for the monthly Bearz Tea Dance. The doors open at 5PM – no cover or attitude – just great music.

Saturday morning coffee

underwear, handsome, hunk, muscles

Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death and as sweet as love.
-Turkish Proverb



Have a great weekend and thanks for checking out my blog today.

Word of the day: Bear Chaser

Word of the day, gay language, gay slangI like to think of my blog as an important, educational site that can help you expand your vocabulary.  In honor of Bear Week in Provincetown, today’s vocabulary word is Bear Chaser

Bear Chaser (/ber ˈCHāsər/noun
Definition: A gay man who pursues bears.
Example: This week Ptown is overrun with Bear Chasers.

Matthew Breen editor-in-chief speaking on Orlando

Matthew Breen

One month ago the massacre in Orlando took place. Last month Matthew Breen, editor-in-chief of The Advocate responded with the anger and passion many (myself included) felt following the tragedy. Much thanks to Bob from I Should Be Laughing blog for sharing this.

“I’ve got something to say to those who would do us harm; to those right wing politicians and religious fanatics [The Advocate] too often covers: You cannot relentlessly discriminate against us and dehumanize us and then stand back and act shocked when someone takes your ideas into his black rotted heart and slaughters us in those places where we gather for community. We are not interested in your prayers unless they are followed up with action. And we do not accept that living in this country means lining up for a massive game of Russian roulette. There is no justification on earth for giving madmen access to mass murder machines. So listen up you Mitch McConnell’s, Pat McCrery’s, Wayne, LaPierre’s, Family Research Council, and all you bigots who methodically work to keep us down and keep the madmen armed, ‘You have f**ked with the wrong group of people.’ In case you have not been paying attention these last fifty years, this community is strong, resilient, very effective and mightily pissed off. We will not permit your insane brand of fundamentalism and we’re coming for your assault rifles, too.”

Words have meaning; words have consequences. Sticks and stones; words hurt sometimes worse than sticks and stones. They hurt like bullets.