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G Lounge in Chelsea will close at end of the year

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Source: G Lounge Facebook page

Yesterday Kennethinthe212 blog posted that the popular gay bar G Lounge in Chelsea will be closing at the end of this year. I have some fun memories navigating my way around the bar and was sorry to hear that the popular bar would be closing.  Kenneth writes:

I just confirmed this with G Lounge, a gay-bar staple in Chelsea for 20 years. I first heard rumblings about G closing in early 2014, but then was told I was wrong in 2015. Sadly, I wasn’t. The bar — which signed a confident 20-year lease when it opened in 1996 — seemed to remain vibrant as Splash, Rawhide, The Break, Champs, View Bar and others faded away. Sad to hear a place that played such a big role in my life is coming to an end, even if it had ended in my actual life many years ago.

Read this funny conversation Kenneth’s friend had via text when he learned of G Lounge’s imminent closing. I think we can all agree with his friends sentiments.

Kenneth’s friend’s funny response to G Lounge closing

Word of the day: Fruit Fly

fruit flyFruit Fly (\ˈfrüt-flī\adjective
Definition: a woman who prefers the company of gay men to heterosexual men.
Example: Margaret Cho may be the world’s most famous fruit fly.

Queer Boston: Mark Morrisroe

Self Portrait 1980 Source: clampart.com

Self Portrait 1980 – Source: clampart.com

Mark Morrisroe (January 10, 1959 – July 24, 1989) was an American performance artist and photographer who was born to a drug-addicted mother in Malden, MA. Due to his unhappy home life (he happened to also be a tenant of Albert DeSalvo, who would become known as the infamous “Boston Strangler”) he moved out at the age of 15 and began hustling to make ends meet.

Despite his hardships, he became known for his performances and photographs, which contributed to the development of the punk scene in Boston in the 1970s and the art world boom of the mid to late 1980s in New York City.

I had never heard about Mark until I learned that there would be an exhibit featuring some of his photos called Mark Morrisroe: Works from 1982 – 85, showing at Alexander & Bonin in NYC through December 22nd. Should you find yourself in NYC and like to see more of this remarkable man’s work, check out the exhibit before it closes next week.

Britney Spears: Slumber Party (parody)

derrick barry, britney spears, christmasDerrick Barry released a new video on YouTube, Slumber Party (Parody) “Christmas Party”, which you should definitely watch. Its filled with some fun dancing, plenty of eye candy and is worth sharing.

Much thanks to Matt over at boyculture blog for bringing this to my attention.

Word of the day: Barbie

BarbieBarbie (\ˈbär-bē\adjective
Definition: gay men who obsess with their physique in an attempt to continually perfect how they look and model themselves after an unrealistic ideal.
Example: The bar was filled with Barbies all vying for attention and affirmation.

Word of the day: Camp

Word of the dayCamp (\ˈkamp\verb
Definition: to mimick or exaggerate gestures, behaviors, conversational styles and emotions, by parodying stereotypes and social conventions.
Example: For generations gay men have used camp to express their frustrations.

Black Friday

shirtless, wicked gawjus, black, black man, absBlack Friday is traditionally considered the start of the Christmas shopping season and is best characterized mad house of crazed shoppers invading every mall and retail shop. As a result, each “Black Friday” I share my version, which I think most of my readers will agree is far more palatable than heading to a mall.