Temptation Tuesday

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Men in kilts

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Monday morning mancandy

blue, speedo, hump day, HHDMay this morning’s post distract you from the fact that it is a Monday morning.

Scruffy Sunday

handsome, hairyThis guy doesn’t strike me as a morning person. Would someone please get him a cup of coffee.

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Saturday morning coffee

blue, hunk, handsomeI love this photo of these two guys but can’t figure out why only one of them has a coffee.  I also happen to follow “Chico” a South African on Twitter. Sadly, we’ve never met, although both men live here in Boston (lucky Boston!).

Furry Friday

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BosGuy brain teaser

riddle, exercise for your brainEach Friday morning I post a riddle to get you to think outside the box and exercise your brain. If you are stumped, share it with a friend or colleague and see if you can figure out the answer together.

This weeks riddle: Name the top twelve states in America.

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How to vote by mail in Massachusetts

Motley tshirtI believe that voting is a civic responsibility incumbent upon all of us. However, voting during a pandemic can be tricky so I apprerciate that Governor Charlie Baker signed a bill into law earlier this month, allowing all registered voters in Massachusetts to vote by mail in the primary and general elections this fall.

How to vote by mail in Massachusetts

Voting by mail in Massachusetts is easy, requiring you to do the following: 

1 – Fill out the 2020 Vote By Mail application

2 – Send the ballot back via postal delivery, email or fax. For the Sept. 1 State Primary, your application must arrive at your local election office by Aug. 26 and for the national election on Nov. 3 it must arrive by Oct. 28.

Note: Your signature must be visible and everything legible and complete to ensure your ballot is not disqualified.

Election Department
One City Hall Square
Room 241
Boston, MA 02201

EMAIL: absenteevoter@boston.gov

FAX: (617) 635-4483

vote, elections, midterm elections, gay votemassachusetts online voter registration

If you are unsure if you are registered or would like to register, you can easily do this online at Massachusetts Online Voter Registration System.


Vintage gay

Much thanks to Peter Miller who is a regular reader (and provider of great photos like the one above) to this blog.  According to Peter this is a real photo postcard dating to 1910.  The front says “BUSS” AND “HUGGING”  N.R.  On the back is written MISS GRACE LINDSLEY.

I dedicate this weekly post, featuring vintage gay photographs, to the men and women who lived in a more critical time where being true to yourself and loving who you want wasn’t always an option and came at a great price. Do you have a photo you would like to share? Email me at bosguymail@gmail.com.

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This week on Instagram: okaprol

handsome, pinkConsidering this weekly post falls on a Wednesday, I couldn’t resist using this photo from @okaprol’s Instagram account (thanks for allowing me to make a Mean Girls reference – it never gets old).

I don’t know much about this handsome guy other than the fact that we both live in Boston. The photo above was taken in Davis Square – not far from my home in the South End. Who knows, perhaps our paths will cross at some point? I really enjoy posting photos of local guys and have been enjoying following this account for several months now. Check him out – he’s quite handsome and fun to follow.

You can follow this week’s featured account on Instagram here, and you can check out previously featured IG accounts here.

Caption this photo


sports humorHopefully the caption I’ve shared below inspires you to offer up a caption or two of your own. Leave a witty or funny caption as a comment for this post, and I’ll approve it for readers to enjoy.

“Ready. Set. Gay.”

Support the arts community with H.4879

cultcha, ahts, ICA, institute of contemporary Art, MFA, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, bosartsContact your state rep about h.4879 today

Massachusetts legislature is currently considering an important bill that will help provide relief for the arts and culture sector in Massachusetts, which includes organizations large and small that enrich our life and need your legislators support to provide funding for artists, local museums as well as students to gain access and experiences from our local arts and cultural organizations.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: Write or call your legislators at the State House today to voice your support for H.4879, An Act Enabling Partnerships for Growth.

Use this form to quickly and easily contact your representatives on Beacon Hill

The House expects to pass this bill by midnight, so your representative needs to hear from you ASAP. In most cases, the more sponsors an amendment has, the better its chances are for adoption.

Learn more about H.4879

Temptation Tuesday

Nice photo of bobsled Team USA members, Adrian Adams and Josh Williamson.

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Men in kilts

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Monday morning mancandy

green, speedo

May this morning’s post distract you from the fact that it is a Monday morning.