This weekend don’t miss “A Wicked Good Cabaret”

This FridaySaturday and Sunday The Boston Gay Men’s Chorus will perform “There’s No Place Like Home: A Wicked Good Cabaret” at Club Café. The weekend shows are 100% fun and a tad risqué so if you haven’t made plans yet, hop online and pick up tickets to check out one of their shows.


Shows are Friday at 8pmSaturday at 5 and 8pm, and Sunday at 3pm. Tickets start at $30 (before fees) and are available at

Vintage gay

gay coupleI dedicate this weekly post, featuring vintage gay photographs, to the men and women who lived in a more critical time where being true to yourself and loving who you want wasn’t always an option and came at a great price. Do you have a photo you would like to share? Email me at

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South End Morse Fish Company future in doubt

FROM HIDDEN BOSTON BLOG: According to a Twitter post from restaurant critic and food/drinks writer MC Slim JB, Morse Fish Company in Boston’s South End is up for lease, with a note on Facebook telling us that a “For Lease” sign is indeed in the window of the Washington Street business.

It is not yet known how much longer the market will remain open. Morse Fish Company first opened in 1903, offering fresh seafood.

Boston’s local theater scene: Check out one of these shows

Local theater companies have some excellent plays and musicals opening over the next few weeks, starting with Lyric Stage Company’s latest production, VIRGINIA WOOLF’S ORLANDO, which opens this Friday.

For those looking for a modern day gay-themed show, be sure to check out the  Zeitgeist Stage Company’s new show, STEVE, which is about two longtime partners raising their son with a surrogate.

Boston’s local theater scene continues to enjoy a Renaissance of sorts so take advantage of the talent (and much more affordable prices at these local theater companies). Make a date night with that significant other or encourage a group of friends to start the night by catching a show before heading out for drinks.

lyric stage company, bosarts, theaterRunning February 23 – March 25th: Lyric Stage Company’s latest production, VIRGINIA WOOLF’S ORLANDO, is a joyful romance of gender roles. Orlando the man wakes up, after a particularly wild night in 17th-century Constantinople, to find himself a woman! She abandons herself to three centuries of navigating love, desire, and the world from an entirely different perspective.

Central Square Theater, bosarts, theaterRunning March 1 – April 1st: The Central Square Theater next production, GUARDS AT THE TAJ is set in India in 1648. For two Imperial guards who are protecting the palace, close friends since childhood, dawn’s first light will set in motion a ghoulishly unthinkable task that will challenge their faith, friendship, and duty. The dark comedy examines two average men who get swept up in the beauty, carnage, and zealotry surrounding one of the wonders of the world.

zeitgeist theatre, bosarts, theaterRunning March 2 – 24th: Zeitgeist Stage Company’s new show, STEVE, is about two longtime partners raising their son with a surrogate. The couple are doing their best not to feel confined by their newfound domesticity, but a casual case of sexting sets off a series of questions and recriminations. The play holds up a clear but compassionate mirror to anyone who’s been part of a post-passion long-term relationship and started to question what now?

SpeakEasy Stage, bosarts, theaterRunning March 2 – 31st: SpeakEasy Stage Company’s latest production, EVERY BRILLIANT THING, is a one-woman show, that starts with a young girl’s focus on things that make life worth living to try and ease her mother’s depression. As she ages the list grows and she learns the deep significance the list has on her own life, as she goes to college, falls in love, and builds a home.

NewRep Theatre, bosarts, theaterRunning March 17 – April 8th: NewRep Theatre in Watertown latest production THE BAKELITE MASTERPIECE opens a the end of WWII with artist Han van Meegeren sitting in a prison cell accused of selling a long-lost Vermeer to the Nazis. A crime tantamount to treason, van Meegeren contends that the painting was a forgery, which he skillfully produced and aged with a special treatment of the plastic known as Bakelite. Now he must create another masterpiece in front of his jailer, art historian Geert Piller, to save his life. The Bakelite Masterpiece is a dynamic and compelling Boston-area premiere from playwright Kate Cayley.

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BostonNever been to Boston and curious to see what it looks like or maybe you’ve moved away and miss your hometown? Check out and follow exploreboston617. The Instagram account posts very frequently and captures both familiar and new sites of this city that I call home. All the photos appear to be carefully curated and the account has more than its fair share of really beautiful cityscapes.

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Caption this photo

sports humorHopefully the caption I’ve shared below inspires you to offer up a caption or two of your own. Leave a witty or funny caption as a comment for this post, and I’ll approve it for readers to enjoy.

Sup Bro

Toys for Joys needs your help

T4J, gay bostonMany people in our community are familiar with Toys for Joys, a charitable organization that hosts a fun party each December to collect gifts that are in turn shared with local charities so children in the area will receive thoughtful gifts during the holiday season.


What many (yours truly included) may not have realized is that this year marks the organizations 10th year and the organization is looking to expand their efforts to also help homeless LGBT youth. The group wants to use the platform they’ve created to support this new initiative and they are looking for volunteers willing to lend their time and talent to help.

T4J, gay boston, toys for joys bostonAll are welcome to come and learn more on Monday, March 12 at 6PM at the Revere Hotel in Bay Village. Please help this worthy organization by spreading word about this upcoming meeting and put the date in your calendar. You can learn more about T4J here:

I want to feature the LGBTQ groups and organizations that help people connect and enrich Boston’s gay life. If you’d like to have your club / team featured, please email me at or via FB messenger.