How Privileged Are You?

BuzzfeedA couple years ago BuzzFeed posted this quick and easy (unscientific – I feel like that needs to be stressed these days) quiz to determine how ‘privileged’ you are. While I don’t take these online quizzes too seriously – and I hope you don’t either – they can be a fun distraction.  This particular online quiz also made me reflect on some of the things I take for granted as well as some things that I’ve learned to either overcome or at a minimum not dwell upon.

I scored a 54 out of 100 points. The survey explains, “You’re quite privileged. You’ve had a few struggles, but overall your  life has been far easier than most. This is not a bad thing, nor is it something to be ashamed of. But you should be aware of your advantages and work to help others who don’t have them.”

I normally wouldn’t share this survey, but the final sentence, “But you should be aware of your advantages and work to help others who don’t have them.” struck a chord with me.

Much thanks to my friend, David G, for pointing out that I neglected to include a link to the survey if you’d like to give it a try. Chalk it up to the hazzards of self editing! Link here: How Privileged Are You.

Word of the day: Camp

Word of the dayCamp (\ˈkamp\verb
Definition: to mimick or exaggerate gestures, behaviors, conversational styles and emotions, by parodying stereotypes and social conventions.
Example: For generations gay men have used camp to express their frustrations.

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underwear, funnyEach Wednesday morning I post a photograph and ask readers to offer a funny caption.  Hopefully the caption below inspires you to share a few of your own.

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Boston’s Slutcracker opens this week


“A Great Hymn to Christmas and Sexuality” – John Waters

The Slutcracker is Boston’s groundbreaking holiday smash-hit that is returning for its ninth season at the Somerville Theater in Davis Square. For those of you who may be unfamiliar, the Slutcracker provides a scene-by-scene retelling of The Nutcracker with a naughty twist.

Performances start Friday, December 2nd and will run through December 31st but tickets to this show sell quickly so do not delay.

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Click here for more information and to purchase tickets


Stronger together: Taking back Congress in 2018

us-congressI’m more than alarmed by a Donald Trump presidency. Having said that, I’m also becoming increasingly alarmed by the reaction of many Progressives. I half expect to see my friends foaming at the mouth and pulling their hair out on January 20, 2017. Something (BTW) that will bring Trump and his supporters a great deal of satisfaction, which is one reason instead of feeding into the hysteria, I refuse to be baited. It is also the reason I’m writing this post.

Vilifying all Trump supporters won’t help Progressives

If we hope to change the hearts and minds of those previously undecided voters (many of whom held their nose when they voted for Trump or worse yet, stayed home on election day), vilifying his supporters won’t make them more open to listening to our [Progressives] very real concerns. Diane Hessan wrote an insightful article in The Boston Globe that was republished on BostInno, What I Learned Studying America’s ‘Undecideds’. Hessan worked on special assignment for the Clinton campaign to better understand the views of undecided voters in swing states. Her conclusion on why / how Clinton lost the election is summed up in one paragraph in her article:

“Last week, I reread all of my notes. There was one moment when I saw more undecided voters shift to Trump than any other, when it all changed, when voters began to speak differently about their choice. It wasn’t FBI Director James Comey, Part One or Part Two; it wasn’t Benghazi or the e-mails or Bill Clinton’s visit with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the tarmac. No, the conversation shifted the most during the weekend of Sept. 9, after Clinton said, “You can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.”

It is time for Progressives to get real. Progressives have only enjoyed political prominence recently. Prior to the Obama administration, you have to go back to the Carter Administration (1976-1980) before you can really point to a President that consistently supported progressive policies and ideals. The Liberal wing of the Democratic Party have a long history of making change happen even when we don’t have a champion in the White House or the support of Congress. So it is time to flex our grass roots muscles and build bridges – not burn them.

We are stronger together so let’s start practicing what we preach

We must identify those who voted for Trump not because they liked him but because they felt they had no other choice and the same goes for those who stayed home on election day. Elections are all about numbers and if our goal is to take back the US Senate and the US House of Representatives (a long shot I know) in 2018 then we need to change our tone and do as Hessan wrote:

“Empathy — trying to understand others as deeply as possible — is an important first step… Obama said it eloquently last week, noting that our election is ultimately an intramural scrimmage because we are all on one team. If we believe in liberty and justice for all, we have to acknowledge how terrible it is to feel left out — and then to ask questions, learn and walk in each other’s shoes.”

I don’t think we should roll-over and play dead, but if we really want to take back Congress, there needs to be more decorum. While some may find it cathartic to shout “bigot”, “misogynist” or “homophobe”, or to scandalize everything Trump says or does, it doesn’t really build bridges or practice what we preach about being stronger together. Nor are those accusations a fair characteristic of everyone who voted for Trump; remember Obama won over voters from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin – twice. Lastly, making such accusations will rally those “undecideds” to Trump, possibly delivering him a larger majority in Congress in 2018, and I think we can all agree that must not happen.

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Emilio’s Pizza & Sub shop closing

emilios-pizza-and-subAccording to The Boston Guardian, another long-time South End business will close its doors. While vacationing in Brazil I saw this shared on Facebook by a friend and after a bit of digging I found The Guardian’s post on Twitter.

Emilio’s owner did not give a date for when they would close but mentioned a back injury, which prevents him from continuing to work is the cause for closing. Emilio’s has been a neighborhood fixture since it first opened in 1979 and when it closes it will join the Five Seventy Market located two blocks down the street, which closed earlier this year after the owner unexpectedly passed away. It is sad to see successful small businesses close under such circumstances.