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BosGuy travel tips

travel tipsIt is rare for us to return from a vacation feeling anything but rested and happy, but I know that is not always the case for everyone.  Part of the trick to getting back into the swing of things is making sure that your body and mind actually have time to process that you are going back to work.

Here are three tips that make returning from your vacation a lot easier and cost next to nothing to do.

1 – Travel during the middle of the week: If you are going to take a week off from work (assuming you work Monday – Friday), travel during the middle of the week. Why travel Wednesday to Wednesday? You make your life much easier, because your vacation is book ended by a short work week before and after your time out of the office. Who doesn’t love short work weeks? 

2 – Treat yourself: Having a treat at home gives you something to look forward to. Often before we leave on vacation we’ll make sure we have a nice bottle of Champagne in the refrigerator awaiting our return so on our first night back we can enjoy a few toasts and reminisce about our trip. I have other friends who book themselves a massage after vacations. Pick a treat that you would like and make sure it is scheduled or waiting for you when you return home.

3 – Take an extra day off to get your life in order: If you can, take an extra day off after arriving home. This way when you return home you can still feel like you are on vacation, and use the extra day off to get your life in order. Running errands on a weekday is so much easier.

These tips may not be for everyone and we don’t necessarily always follow these for every vacation, but they really go a long way to prolonging the post-vacation glow; especially tip number 1 – there is nothing better than coming back to a short work week.

Surviving a Boston winter

Sergio and Rob, gay travel, flying, travelEven though Boston is enjoying a beautiful fall in just a few short weeks the leaves will be gone and to paraphrase an often used saying from GoT, “winter is coming”. Each fall I like to encourage readers to plan ahead. One of the ways to survive a Boston winter is to book yourself a quick trip someplace warm (even if just for a few days) to break up the long, dark cold months otherwise known as a New England winter.

Booking trips to warmer climates early next year will start to get really expensive if you wait until the holidays or are hoping you’ll be lucky enough to snag a last minute e-saver fare. Moreover, by booking an airfare now, you’ll have the ticket paid off well in advance of the holidays.  Sergio and I are still discussing where we would like to escape early next year but below are some photos from past winter escapes that I thought I’d share to tempt you to do the same.

Sergio, Rob

San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2016

gay, travel, Caribbean, Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, 2015

West Beach - Laguna Beach, CA 2014

West Beach – Laguna Beach, CA 2014

Book your trip this week – you’ll thank me come February.

JetBlue requests (again) a Boston-Havana route

travel, gay travel, caribbean, old cars, antique carsAlthough it seems like a long shot, last week The Boston Globe reported JetBlue asked the US Department of Transportation to reject a request by Alaska Airlines to give them until January to begin their flights between L.A. and Havana, and instead award JetBlue a Boston – Havana route in its place.

Sergio and I were fortunate enough to visit Havana, and I hope Boston soon gets one of the coveted routes so more people from the area can visit Cuba. If you missed my previous posts you can read all about that amazing trip and see the crazy, cool photos of the cars, architecture, food and of course the people.

Post 1: An American in Havana
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Weekend in NYC

BosGuy, New York CitySergio and I just returned from spending a weekend in New York City. We had a great time seeing friends, paying respect to others (at the 9/11 Memorial) and strolling around some of my favorite neighborhoods in Manhattan.

The photo above is of me at the Lehmann Maupin Gallery which is located on West 22nd Street between 10th and 11th Avenue just under the High Line Park. The exhibit featured the Brazilian street artists and twin brothers known as Osgemeos (The Geminis). Bostonians may remember them from their amazing temporary public art display in Dewey Square in 2012, which was 7-stories tall by nearly 80 feet wide. Below are photos from our time wandering around.

High Line Park NYCworld-trade-center911 Memorial

GTFO: cool app for last minute air travel

TravelA former colleague of mine works at a cool tech company in Cambridge called hopper has an app called GTFO – Get The Flight Out, that helps travelers book last minute trips leaving the same day or first thing the next morning.

Although I’ve yet to use the app the interface seems easy to use.  I’m curious if anyone has already downloaded the app or has used it.

hopper, travel, air travel

Want to check it out for yourself? Download here: GTFO.

Gay Portugal (and The Late Birds)

gay portugal, gay porto, Club Lusitano

PORTO: Sergio and I were lucky to meet a native in Porto who showed us around his hometown and pointed us to two gay bars which we enjoyed getting visiting. The first gay bar, Conceição, is located not far from where we had dinner at Flow on Rua da Conceição. I would describe the place as a dive bar but it has a friendly crowd, the bartenders pour great drinks and it gets busy a bit earlier than the larger gay club, Lusitano (shown above), that was mostly empty when we arrived at 11:30PM, but started to fill up after Midnight.

LISBON: Lisbon is a much larger city than Porto and has many more options with most located in Bairro Alto and neighboring Principe Real. A pamphlet called “Lisbon Gay Circuit” is available at many clubs and show fifty different destinations that include clubs, saunas, food, services and accommodations.The Late Birds

Lisbon also has a wonderful all male guest house called The Late Birds that we stayed at and which I would encourage gay travelers to consider.

Upon arriving, the staff encourage you to download their own app called “The Late Birds Lisbon” (shown above), which makes getting around the city very easy. I’m amazed that larger hotel chains have not done this already, but that forward thinking, concierge-like service really defined the experience we enjoyed while staying there. Below are a few photos of our room and the property.The Late BirdsThe Late BirdsThe Late BirdsIf you have any questions about gay life in Portugal or would like to know more about The Late Birds, feel free to reach out to me. I’m happy to provide more details about places to check out when you visit.

Eu adoro Lisboa

Lisbon, PortugalLisbon is smaller than Boston in population (550, 000 in the city limits and nearly 3 million in the region), but it feels much larger and certainly more worldly. Just like Rome, Lisbon was built on seven hills – some of which are so high and steep you wouldn’t believe it; walking the city will give you a leg workout so don’t feel guilty about eating all the pastel de nata that you like.

We stayed in Bairro Alto which in addition to being popular with tourists also is home to most of the gay bars, nightlife and the gay owned and operated, The Late Birds, where we ended up staying. Below is a picture from our room overlooking their private back patio, garden and pool; a perfect place to relax.The Late Birds, Lisbon, Portugal, gay travel

Just down the street from The Late Birds was a funky outdoor bar that was located at the top of a parking garage called Park Rooftop Bar.  The place has no signage and on our first visit we initially wondered if we were in the right place. Sergio and I enjoyed this place so much we went here for an evening cocktail and to watch the sun set over Lisbon (shown below) several times. Lisbon, Portugal, Park Rooftop BarLisbon, PortugalLisbon, PortugalLisbon, PortugalLisbon, Portugal