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Starting our South American adventure

Sergio and Rob, gay travel, flying, travelSergio and I flew down to South America this past weekend. We are about to begin quite an adventure traveling to Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil over the next few weeks. While traveling, my weekly posts about “What’s Happening” and “What to do this weekend” will be temporarily suspended until the New Year.

While traveling I plan to regularly post on Instagram so if you don’t already follow me, please do. Through my posts on Instagram you can join us as we visit Mendoza, Cordoba and Buenos Aires in Argentina, Colonia del Sacramento and Puente del Este in Uruguay and finally Belo Horizonte and Sao Paulo Brazil.

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More flights to Cape Verde from Boston

travel to Africa, Cabo Verde

Photo of Hotel Riu Karamboa in Cape Verde

It seems like every week or two I am writing about more nonstop flights being added to Boston’s Logan Airport. Earlier this fall I shared that Delta Airlines had made Boston its newest hub, then there was news that American Airlines was adding nonstop service to London and last week I shared that in 2020 Austrian Airways would be adding nonstop service to Vienna and Lufthansa would begin nonstop service to Munich.

This past Saturday, Cabo Verde Airlines announced that they will launch a second weekly flight between Boston and Cape Verde, Africa. The airline currently flies between Boston and Praia, Cape Verde on Mondays but starting December 14th it will have flights on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The nonstop flight is approximately seven hours.

Cape Verde, is a nation on a volcanic archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa known for its Creole Portuguese-African culture and numerous beaches. Its largest island, Santiago, is home to the current capital, Praia. Since the early 1990s, Cape Verde has been a stable representative democracy, and remains one of the most developed and democratic countries in Africa. Thinking of planning a trip? Check out TripAdvisor photos, tips and suggestions.

Nonstop service from Boston to Vienna and Munich begins in 2020

Austrian Airlines which is part of the Lufthansa Group announced new nonstop service between Boston and Vienna will start March 29, 2020. The airline will initially operate four weekly flights between Boston and Vienna, increasing to six weekly flights by mid-April, according to the company. Lufthansa (the parent company of Australian Airlines) also announced earlier this year that nonstop service between Boston and Munich will begin in the summer of 2020.

I backpacked around Europe for a bit after college and regret that I didn’t do more when I visited Vienna and Munich. Both cities are incredibly beautiful but unfortunately, my main memory of Vienna is doing my laundry and I didn’t see much more than the beer halls of Munich while I spent the day drinking German ale, waiting for my night train to Prague. Perhaps it is time to revisit these gorgeous cities again. Below is a photo from the AIDA Cafe-Konditorei, that I pulled from this Instagram Account.


Take CMI’s annual LGBT travel survey

travel, handsome, hunkCommunity Marketing Insights 23rd Annual LGBT Travel survey is live and they are looking for members of the LGBT community to share with them your travel preferences. The survey will remain open through Sunday, November 10th.

Your responses are anonymous and aggregated to better understand LGBT traveler trends and preferences.  The organizers say that the survey will take approximately 10-12 minutes but it took me even less time. 

About CMI: In 1992, Thomas Roth and David Paisley conceived of the idea of forming a marketing research company to help companies and brands better understand the emerging LGBTQ community and include it as a viable market segment.  More than 25 years later, CMI is no the world’s leading and most-respected LGBTQ research firm.

Planning our trip to Argentina and Uruguay

travel tipsIn about 5 weeks Sergio and I will be traveling to South America to explore Northern Argentina and a bit of Uruguay. For our upcoming visit we plan to explore Mendoza (wine country), Cordoba which is the country’s second largest city as well as Buenos Aires before heading to Uruguay.

Do you have suggestions on things to do or places to visit or dine?
Share your suggestions by leaving a comment below.

I had visions of us staying at a winery in Mendoza but struggled to find something I could afford and liked. Out of frustration, I booked us into the Sheraton, which is very affordable. From there we can easily day trip to wineries. I’m much more excited about the hotel in Cordoba we booked. It looks really cool, and I hope the Azur Real Hotel lives up to expectations.

Sergio and I arrive in B.A. the night of national elections and we are bracing for disruptions and protests, considering the anger many Argentinians have with their government. In lieu of staying at a private residence in the Palermo neighborhood as I initially envisioned, I booked us into The Park Tower, which is a large hotel where we should be fine if civil unrest gets out of hand. Another driving factor in choosing the hotel was that I could book it on points (never underestimate the allure of free) and since we will be here 5 nights that gives us more money to allocate to eating, drinking and being merry.

argentina, gay travelAfter visiting Argentina, our itinerary will next take us to Uruguay. We will cross the Rio de la Plata from B.A. to Colonia del Sacramento and will stay at a gorgeous little hotel called Charco in the historic district overlooking the river. Colonia is best known for its cobblestone Barrio Histórico, that is lined with buildings from its time as a Portuguese settlement and after spending nearly a week in B.A. this quiet, historic town will be a nice change of pace.

After a quick stay in Colonia, we will rent a car and drive to a gay owned and operated boutique beach resort in Uruguay’s Punte del Este, Undarius, that was recommended to us by a friend called. We figured that after visiting Mendoza, Cordoba and B.A. it might be nice to sit back, relax and spend time at the beach. This will seem extra special since it will be winter back in Boston.

Sergio and I spent much of September thinking through the logistics of this trip, booking the many flights required and finding places to stay. Next up is planning activities, and I wanted to reach out to ask for suggestions on things to do, places to visit or dine. Do you know of any great private wine tour guides in Mendoza? A fun day trip or activity to consider while visiting these cities? Suggestions on somewhere we should eat? All these suggestions and more would be very welcome as we start to plan out how we will spend our time exploring.

Weekend in San Francisco

Rob and SergioThis past weekend Sergio and I went to San Francisco to see a friend I’ve known since childhood get married. It had been about ten years since Sergio had last visited so we played the role of tourist, walking all over and visiting places like Noe Valley, The Castro, North Beach, SoMa, The Embarcadero and more.

We stayed at The Adagio Hotel on Geary Street just a few blocks from Union Square. The boutique-style hotel fit our needs perfectly, but it was upsetting to see how many homeless have settled in downtown. There are still many beautiful parts of the city but it was still unsettling and made me wonder what the city can do to reverse this trend and help these people get back on their feet.

It was great being a tourist with Sergio (I took my first trolley ride) and to connect with friends in San Francisco but it was Jeff and Ritch’s wedding that brought us to San Francisco. The weather on Saturday could not have been better for their ceremony, which took place on a ship called “The Merlot”. Jeff and Ritch exchanged vows under the Bay Bridge with the skyline as a backdrop and after photos were taken as the sun set behind the Golden Gate Bridge.

The sky was incredibly clear and unseasonably warm, making it incredibly picturesque and providing Sergio and I with some amazing views. I’ve shared a few of my favorite photos from the evening below. Despite the city’s ongoing issues with providing affordable homes and caring for those who seem unable to care for themselves, San Francisco remains one of my favorite cities to visit.

Bay Bridge, San Francisco

American Airlines adds nonstop service Boston to London, flightrightEarlier this week American Airlines announced they will begin a nonstop service from Logan Airport to London Heathrow Airport. starting on March 29, 2020. The new daily flight will depart from Boston at 7:15 p.m. and arrive in London at 7:30 a.m. the following day on Boeing 777-200 airplanes.

Tickets for the route are available for purchase beginning starting on Monday, Oct. 7.  American Airlines joins an already crowded field of carriers who provide nonstop service between the two cities but with additional flights comes (hopefully) more affordable fares and better options for travelers.

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