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Jet Blue announces nonstop service between Boston and Steamboat Springs

Hey snow bunnies. Looking for an extravagant holiday gift for your boyfriend but no clue what to do? This week Jet Blue announced that they would start flying nonstop from Boston to Steamboat Springs with weekly nonstop service on Wednesday and Saturday.

I took a look on Jet Blue’s website and was able to find round trip, nonstop fares starting starting at $469 in January, $324 in February and $410 in March. As a one-time skier but someone who hasn’t skied in a looooong time, I’m happy to see more opportunities to fly out West for ski trips from Boston. I’ve never skied in Colorado and have no idea what Steamboat Springs is like but Jet Blue’s flights make it the only airline from New England that flies nonstop here. If anyone books a trip, let me know.

Book on Jet Blue

Take CMI’s annual LGBT travel survey

travel tipsCommunity Marketing Insights 23rd Annual LGBT Travel survey is live and they are looking for members of the LGBT community to share with them your travel preferences. The survey will remain open through Saturday, December 15th.

Your responses are all kept anonymous and aggregated to better understand LGBT traveler trends and preferences.  It took me a little more than 5 minutes to fill out the survey 

About CMI: In 1992, Thomas Roth and David Paisley conceived of the idea of forming a marketing research company to help companies and brands better understand the emerging LGBTQ community and include it as a viable market segment.  More than 25 years later, CMI is no the world’s leading and most-respected LGBTQ research firm.

Nonstop service between Boston and Honolulu annouced

Late last week Hawaiian Airlines announced that it would start non-stop flights between Boston and Honolulu starting in April 2019, making Boston the second (New York City was first) East Coast hub to receive non-stop service on Hawaiian Airlines. The flight will also be the new longest domestic flight route in the United States with flights from HA to MA taking a little more than 10 hours and flights from MA to HA taking just under 12 hours (5,095 miles) .

The airline cited the fact that Boston is the largest U.S. travel market that currently does not receive non-stop service to Hawaii as a reason for rolling out this new service. An estimated 500 people fly between New England and Hawaii (approximately 60,000 visitors annually), which translates into ~$76 million in ticket sales for flights between the two city airports last year.

Boston to Honolulu air service, travel, HA90, HA91

From Boston to Honolulu: Hawaiian Airlines flight HA91 will depart Boston on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday at 8:55am and will arrive in Honolulu at 2:35pm the same day. Friday flights will depart Boston at 8:00am and arrive in Honolulu at 1:40pm.

From Honolulu to Boston: Hawaiian Airlines flight HA90 will depart Honolulu on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 1:45pm and arrive in Boston the following mornings at 6:00am.

Share your favorite Northern New England destinations in the fall

Fall foliageIn the summer most people in Boston look to the coast for weekend trips out of town, but in the fall Northern New England provides a beautiful option for a weekend trip out of town.

Earlier this week I received an email from Frog Meadow Country B&B. They appear to have a number of programs and events happening through out the fall that might make for a great weekend away.  It got me to thinking about what other places in Northern New England gay men like to visit. I’d be curious to hear from anyone who may have stayed at Frog Meadow Country B&B or if you have other B&Bs / destinations you like to visit in Northern New England.

Share your favorite Northern New England destinations in the comment section below, and if I get enough options, I’ll dedicate a post with your suggestions later this month on where to go and where to stay for a long weekend.

Sky high today

Sergio and Rob, gay travel, flying, travelSergio and I are spending the entire day traveling back from Brazil. We are accustomed to taking night flights when traveling between Boston and Brazil so this will be a new experience. The point is that I will be 30,000+ feet above ground for nearly the entire day so approving comments and responding to emails will be nonexistent.

Visiting Montreal: recommendations and suggestions

Je me souviens

Sergio and I recently returned from spending several days earlier this month on vacation in Montreal. Our stay happened to coincide with Montreal’s annual Jazzfest, which is absolutely massive and happens to include a few hundred free outdoor performances in downtown Montreal. This was the first trip back to Montreal in about 10 years and our first trip ever in the summer.

While we initially were looking at AirBnB’s in the Gay Village, we ultimately booked our stay at the Westin Montreal, which is just two blocks from the Notre Dame Basilica and a five minute walk to Old Town. We divided our time between Old Town, The Plateau and the Gay Village. Below are some suggestions and observations, which I’m writing down as much to help others who may want to plan a trip as much as it is to help me remember what we did and where we went, because we will definitely return to Montreal in the summer.

What To Do

HIKING: While there are a lot of things to do in Montreal, we decided to be outside as much as possible so despite a record breaking heatwave, we stayed (kind of) cool by spending an entire afternoon hiking around The Mount Royal Park The park was designed by Olmsted and is an easy hike to the the summit, which affords you some great views of the city.

Ca Roule Montreal Bike TourBIKE TOUR: We spent half a day riding approximately 10+ miles around old town, the canal, Pointe-Saint-Charles and the two islands, Ile Notre Dame and Ile Sainte Helene. The photo above is of Sergio and our tour guide riding on a portion of Montreal’s Formula 1 race track. While there are a lot of bike tour companies, I selected Ça Roule Montréal because of the price, convenient location and they allow you to keep the bike for the rest of the day if you want to continue to explore Montreal by bike. This was more fun than we bargained for and gave us a much better appreciation for the city.

JAZZFEST: is the largest festival of its kind and set a record attendance of 2 million spectators several years back. There are several large stages set up in the downtown with musical acts starting early and playing until Midnight (or there about). It is easy to walk from one outdoor stage to another and there are plenty of interactive sections as well as food and drink to keep you happy. We really enjoyed the festival and returned to it if only briefly nearly every evening. Next year’s festival will run from Friday, June 28 to Saturday, July 6, 2019.

NOTRE DAME: For approximately $25 you can purchase tickets to the lighting show, AURA, inside Montreal’s most beautiful church, Notre Dame. The show was a surprise for Sergio. We really enjoyed ourselves, and I would recommend it to anyone planning a visit. You can see the show online but it doesn’t do it justice. Here is a video of one scene from the show. After the show you can walk across the square to Brasserie 701 for a drink or for dinner if you’re hungry.

Montreal Gay Village

An aerial rainbow made of colored balls that string across Le Village Gai in Montreal

NEIGHBORHOOD STROLLS: We divided our time fairly evenly between Old Town, The Plateau and the Gay Village. Shown above is an interesting view of the colored balls strung across Rue Sainte-Catherine in the Gay Village to create a rainbow that runs for about a mile and provides an interesting view when you can get above these colorful strings to see the full impact.

Old Town may be a tourist trap but you won’t mind because it is so charming

Each neighborhood has its own vibe. Old Town is charming and has great places to eat, drink or grab a snack. It is also ground-zero for all tourists so take that into account when you visit. We were pleasantly surprised to find that in the evening the city projected interactive lighting displays and avant-garde videos on many large buildings in Old Town. It added a lot of visual interest, while helping to brighten dark alleys and corners in such a creative way that it only added to the charm of evening strolls through the neighborhood.

Street art is everywhere in Montreal’s trendy neighborhood, Le Plateau

The Plateau is a vibrant neighborhood, featuring some of the most engaging street art and wall graffiti you will see. It is worth visiting for a drink or dinner and an evening stroll. The neighborhood has many affordable, casual dining options that line the streets filled with far fewer tourists and dominated by the 20 and 30-somethings who like to live here near Mount Royal.

Where To Eat

Below I’ve listed some of the restaurants Sergio and I enjoyed while visiting Montreal and which I would feel comfortable recommending to others who are planning a trip to the city.

Sunset as seen from Les Enfants Terribles in downtown Montreal

Brasserie 701, which is steps from Notre Dame, was a place we visited twice in part because of the handsome and friendly bar tender who consistently poured a generous glass of wine. The restaurant is a cool and comfortable space with good food and friendly atmosphere. I wouldn’t cross town to try Brasserie 701 but if you are in the neighborhood and want a drink or bite this is nice place to try.

Le Cartet was a last minute recommendation from our concierge for brunch. This place was a total surprise and will be a place we revisit when we return to Montreal. The restaurant is located in Old Town – and was a short walk for us, but I would cross town in the winter to eat here again.

Les Enfants Terribles this restaurant in downtown has the best view in the city for dining. Located 44-stories above ground, the dining room and bar are lively and was filled with a fun crowd. The space gets very full around dusk as people come to enjoy good food and drink alongside a gorgeous sunset.

Maison Christian Faure We were told by our bike tour leader that this pastry shop located in Old Town was the best in town. While I couldn’t get to every patisserie to confirm that endorsement, I can say that Maison Christian Faure was worth the visit, and I’d certainly stop by (if not for a breakfast) then to grab something for a snack.

Saloon Bistro & Bar is located in the heart of the Gay Village and while there is no great dining options along Rue Sainte-Catherine, this place provides fairly steady service, good food and large portions. We ate on their outdoor patio overlooking the street which provides ample people-watching opportunities.


Have you been to Montreal? Share thoughts you have about places to see / sights to visit and share your comments about places to eat and drink.

Bonjour Montréal

Sergio and I have booked a trip to Montreal that will coincide with Montreal Jazzfest 2018, which takes place next month. We’ve both been to Montreal before but have not visited the city in about 10 years so I’m looking for suggestions on places to go, sites to see and / or favorite restaurants. I’ll be doing a bit of research on my own, but I’ve come to rely on readers’ suggestions.

I’d love to hear from you about:
– Sites we should definitely visit
– Neighborhoods of interest
– Restaurant and dining suggestions

Feel free to leave suggestions / tips as comments on this blog post or you can reach out to me directly at