ISO recommendations when visiting Aruba

Sergio and I will visit Aruba for the first time later this month. We’d welcome any suggestions from anyone familiar with the island.

Mobility: To rent a care or not to rent a car (that is the questions), or can we rely on taxis & Uber? Alternatively, is the island bike-friendly, and if so, can you recommend a place?

Beaches: We will be staying near Flamingo Beach but would like to explore other beaches and see different parts of the island Is there one we should definitely see? And is there a gay beach worth checking out?

Activities: Parasailing, snorkeling, hiking, jet skiing – we are open to all suggestions. If you had a great experience, let us know and we will pass along your recommendation when we make our reservation.

Dining & Drinks: When you opt to vacation on small island overrun by tourists every place is essentially a tourist trap, but all the same, we’d welcome suggestions for meals and places to get drinks.

2 responses to “ISO recommendations when visiting Aruba

  1. Baby Beach is a must see.


  2. Paul Daigneault

    By far the best restaurant in Aruba. Great atmosphere



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