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Je me souviens

One year ago this week I was in Paris with Sergio celebrating my 40th birthday. So I thought I would post a handful of photographs from the trip. I know that many people think the French and Parisians in particular are rude, but that has never been my experience. I love the food, the architecture, the downtown neighborhoods (and yes – the people too).

We had a wonderful time and splurged mightily staying at a beautiful hotel and enjoying all Paris had to offer. Some of the highlights included drinking champagne at a little bar in the Marais and people watching, having dinner near the opera house with Alicia, the views from atop the Eiffel Tower, and dinner at the oldest run brasserie in the city of Paris located in another favorite neighborhood, the Bastille.

Vive la France

Tomorrow, July 14th, is Bastille Day, otherwise known as French independence.  Most French restaurants in Boston (and elsewhere) will have festivities planned so head down to your local brasserie and order yourself a nice bottle of French wine and enjoy yourself.

I’ve included this image of the model draped in a French flag because it truly does make me want to say “vive la france.” I’ve also included photos from my visit to Paris in May if you are so inclined – take a peek, it takes approximately 2-3 minutes to view all the scrolling images.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Paris May 2010

Videos from Paris

My siblings gave me a Flip so I could video my trip to Paris. I used it quite a bit but I’ve determined I’m not cut out to be a movie director.  A steady hand, good eye and baritone voice to narrate is required (none of which I have).  However, here are a few clips.

April 29th @ Logan Airport

May 1st @ Le Louvre Museum

May 2nd @ 4Pat – Restaurant in Marais

Photos of Paris

I arrived home to Boston and I want to share some of my memories while they remain fresh. However, before I start I’d like to thank everyone for their nice comments, e-mails and to my friends and family who left such nice messages wishing me a happy birthday.

The quick trip to Paris was wondeful. I spent most of my time strolling the streets, eating and drinking far more than one person should ever consume in a day and enjoying time relaxing with Sergio.  I was also able to connect with our friend Alicia and even meet her handsome, new boyfriend.

I will write more about the trip, but since pictures tell a story so well – I thought I would start by including some photographs from my long weekend in Paris.  The picture show takes approximately 3 minutes and will change automatically.  I hope you enjoy.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Paris May 2010

Bonjour from Paris

Despite a cold and rainy forecast, the weather so far has been mostly agreeable. I just hope by typing this I don’t jinx the rest of our trip and condemn us to rain and cold.  The hotel, Prince de Galles, has lived up to its hype. It is beautiful and the service thus far has been excellent.  Shortly after arriving at the hotel (9:30am) local time, we were shown our room.  Since I didn’t sleep at all on the flight, Sergio and I promptly took a nap and did not leave until 2:00pm.  We were both a bit tired all day but it did not prevent us from a quick promenade down the Champs Elysee to the Arc de Triumphe nor spending a few hours ascending the Eiffel Tower (pictures will follow upon my return).

In the evening we went to one of my favorite sections of Paris, ile Ste. Louis, which is a tiny island in the Seine River next to ile de la Cite.  This smaller island always seems a lot less crowded and charming.  Dinner at a tiny, but delicious Italian restaurant named Sorza was excellent.  Perhaps this is one of my favorite things about Paris.  No matter where I go and what I try – the food does not disapoint.  I’m sure there are bad restaurants and places I’d rather not eat, but either due to luck or a good eye nothing I’ve eaten has left me wanting. I’m off now to try some ice cream at Berthillon Ice Cream on ile Ste. Louis.

I feel giddy like a kid the night before Christmas.
Jeudi (demain) nous partons pour Paris.

Bonjour Paris

On Thursday, April 29th I will be flying to Paris. The weather forecast at this point looks to be disapointing with temperatures in the low 60s and rain.  I hoped to spend the days walking and visiting the public gardens but if the weather does not cooperate I’ll head in doors to see some of the magnificent museums.  Regardless of the weather, I plan to eat plenty of these:
Wine, cheese and conversation will also be enjoyed.  I am hopeful that I’ll be able to connect on Friday night with a houseguest who spent this past Christmas with Sergio and me.  I’ve yet to make reservations for any of the nights we are in Paris. 
If you have a restaurant, cafe, bar or club to recommend, send me your comments  or e-mail me; as always it is greatly appreciated.