Vive la France

Tomorrow, July 14th, is Bastille Day, otherwise known as French independence.  Most French restaurants in Boston (and elsewhere) will have festivities planned so head down to your local brasserie and order yourself a nice bottle of French wine and enjoy yourself.

I’ve included this image of the model draped in a French flag because it truly does make me want to say “vive la france.” I’ve also included photos from my visit to Paris in May if you are so inclined – take a peek, it takes approximately 2-3 minutes to view all the scrolling images.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Paris May 2010

3 responses to “Vive la France

  1. errhhh… bastille day IS NOT independence day. france has always been independent since the time of carolus magnus, around 800 something.amalric


  2. Great pics – I like the naughty pastries! France is truly beautiful!


  3. As always, I am envious of your travels, but glad you brought a bit of them back for us. Great photos. (Your hotel looks amazing…)



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