Photos of Paris

I arrived home to Boston and I want to share some of my memories while they remain fresh. However, before I start I’d like to thank everyone for their nice comments, e-mails and to my friends and family who left such nice messages wishing me a happy birthday.

The quick trip to Paris was wondeful. I spent most of my time strolling the streets, eating and drinking far more than one person should ever consume in a day and enjoying time relaxing with Sergio.  I was also able to connect with our friend Alicia and even meet her handsome, new boyfriend.

I will write more about the trip, but since pictures tell a story so well – I thought I would start by including some photographs from my long weekend in Paris.  The picture show takes approximately 3 minutes and will change automatically.  I hope you enjoy.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Paris May 2010

6 responses to “Photos of Paris

  1. Paris is known for its breath-taking landscapes and rich cultural heritage, mouth watering cuisine along with glorious history.


  2. These are gorgeous! Makes me want to go back. It's been way too long…


  3. I just read that. I shouldn't read blog posts out of order!


  4. Hi Todd – I stayed at Prince de Galles Hotel.


  5. Now I want to go back. . . and stay. Great hotel. Where did you stay?


  6. Amazing! What great photos!!!



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