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Boston firefighter dresses up as an elf

Earlier this week, my sister shared this post from Uplift on Facebook, which I thought was hilarious and wanted to share in case you have not seen it.

Disco Ave Maria

Check out these crazy Italians injecting a little bit of funk into Ave Maria. Listen to the two+ minute clip – you’ll love it.

Voi pazzi italiani

Les Dieux du Stade 2019 calendar

gay calendarLooking to bring a gift to your upcoming Yankee swap, make your colleagues blush at the office holiday party or maybe give yourself a gift this holiday season? Check out Dieux Stade’s latest calendar (and of course all the other accompanying materials).

To get a little more flavor for what you can expect to see in the 2019 Dieux Stade calendar check out the video below and then head over to their online store.

Les Dieux du Stade

Be a Masshole not an asshole, vote yes on 3

When you go to the polls today, be sure to vote yes on 3.

Adam Rippon talks about midterm elections

U.S. Olympian, Adam Rippon, explains everything you need to know about the upcoming midterm election, what’s at stake if you don’t show up at the polls on Nov. 6 and why YOUR vote matters.


Trophy Boy: a short film

gay film, independent film

Have you heard about this gay short film (13-minutes) that centers on James (played by Emrhys Cooper)? It is definitely entertaining to watch. I’ve included a brief write up about the short film below along with a link to its Vimeo page and password. If you watch the film, let me know what you think.

About Trophy Boy: The film centers on James, a sexy, youthful sought-after Instagram star in high-society, and self-proclaimed “trophy” who gets dumped by his wealthy live-in benefactor just before turning 30. James quickly learns that the real world cares little for his Instagram “celebrity” as the world he’s so carefully cultivated online crashes head on with reality.

Watch Trophy Boy Here
Password: trophyboy

Kill the closet: National Coming Out day

I have no idea what was the motivation / inspiration behind the 1980 pop music hit I’m Coming Out by Diana Ross, but I can’t think of a more appropriate song. The lyrics, intent and emotion match exactly how I felt after I came out and make it the perfect song to share on National Coming Out Day.