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Dark Matter: The Black Party

Strange Live Acts • Dress: Heavy

This year the Black Party returns to Manhattan on Saturday, April 1, 2017 theme of “Dark Matter” imagines a world where queer refugees looking to escape Earth seek a space colony in a galaxy far away.

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Restrictions on gay-themed content at YouTube gets a second look

Earlier this week The Associated Press reported that YouTube was reversing some restrictions on LGBTQ content based on ongoing criticisms leveled at the company.  The video titled “Her Vows” was cited as an example. The video contains no nudity, violence or swearing, but YouTube deemed it unsuitable for people under 18. For many LGBTQ readers, this will not come as a surprise.

I have many friends who have had issues with Facebook in the past for posting innocuous photos of themselves. I do understand that in many cases this is more an issue with the imperfections of artificial intelligence, that companies use to manage content. And YouTube seemed to echo that in their statement, saying LGBTQ videos aren’t automatically filtered out, “some videos that cover subjects like health, politics and sexuality may not appear for users and institutions that choose to use this feature.” In the case of LGBT topics, which are by definition intertwined with health, politics and sexuality, filtering out what is and isn’t appropriate can be difficult.

Below U.K.-based YouTube creator Rowan Ellis video criticizes these restrictions, which ironically was initially also restricted, though YouTube has since reclassified that video.

LOL: Accidental penis news bloopers

humor, news blooper

Enjoy this 10 minute compilation of penis news bloopers. Some of these are better than others but more than a few are guaranteed to make you laugh.

This video is safe to play at work in case you were wondering.

Boston Stands with the ACLU

boston musicThis weekend I met up with two friends I don’t regularly get a chance to see. Back in the late 90s when I moved back to Boston from Atlanta we went out to see shows all the time, but as we got older and they started families that left less time for evenings out in Boston to catch a live show. Over time I all but stopped going to live shows at local clubs, but my friend Tom (far right in the photo above) still goes to shows on occasion so when he asked if I wanted to go to the benefit I said, absolutely and I’m so glad I did.

The lineup at Saturday night’s benefit included many artists and bands we often went to see in the late 90s. All of these musicians achieved a modicum of success back in the day but never the stardom that would propel them to larger venues, which meant for $20 we could get in and see an excellent live show in Boston.  At the time Boston also had an excellent independent station, WFNX 101.7 FM which played these bands  regularly.  Going to the show on Saturday and seeing many of these acts gave me with a serious case of de ja vu.

Walking into the show on Saturday we were joking at how old the audience looked but by the end of the night we all left with smiles. The line up shown above also included a surprise performance by The Sheila Divine who still sound excellent, but it was actually Tanya Donelly’s band Belly (who I had all but forgotten about) who I thought were the best.  I’m going to have to start checking out the lineups at my old haunts (at least the ones that remain).


The Real Housewives of South Boston – St. Paddy’s Day

Although this video is now a few years old and the “new” Southie no longer resembles the stereotypes played perfectly by this cast of locals, it still gives me a good laugh. For those Bostonians who may have moved away and might watch this I’m sure it will give you a good laugh too. Have a great St. Patrick’s Day.

Last Week Tonight media buy to explain healthcare to Trump

I love the HBO program, Last Week Tonight, with John Oliver. It is an intelligent and witty show that consistently makes me laugh and think. For those of you who may not have HBO, you can see clips of the show on YouTube, here.

This past week’s show focused on Trumpcare or maybe it should be called “I don’t care”, concluding with this advert. The commercial shown above will play Wednesday morning on FOX & Friends, since President Trump watches the program regularly. I doubt Trump has the attention span to watch commercials, but I still applaud everyone on the program for their media buy.

Addicted to Netflix “The 100” and Ricky Whittle


Actor Ricky Whittle

It finally happened. Sergio and I got bit by the Netflix bug. As amazing as it may seem to some, until recently our TV consumption was solely via Comcast, but a few weeks ago a friend got us hooked on a Netflix series called The 100

The series which initially started on The CW in March 2014 is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama loosely based on a 2013 book by the same name. The series follows a group of 100 teens who are sent back to Earth to see if it is inhabitable from “The Ark” a space station that holds survivors who fled Earth just in time to escape a nuclear war but is now failing some four generations later. Much to the surprise of “The 100” who land on Earth, they find that indeed the planet is survivable now and more surprisingly there are humans living on Earth.

English actor, Ricky Whittle, is one of those “grounders” as The 100 refer to the Earth dwellers. Needless to say, despite the occasional cheesy scene and an inconsistent story line at times, we are hooked. Actor Ricky Whittle who plays the character Lincoln is a big reason for that. Anyone else watching this series?