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When the party of Lincoln becomes the party of Putin

george takei, humorWell said Lieutenant Sulu.

Hey women of America: Step up to the plate

Much is being made of the fact that more women are expressing an interest in politics (at all levels, municipal, state and federal) than ever before, but  it remains to be seen how many will actually step up to the plate. I hope that this talk becomes a catalyst that will see more women, reaching out to their spouses and families, asking them for help with regards to family responsibilities so they may focus on a career of civil service.

I have come to the conclusion that political progress on issues that matter most to women will only be incremental if women from both political parties do not step forward in large numbers.

We are a nation of 320+ million people. There is not a job in america that couldn’t be filled by a qualified woman today.

I recognize that not all women agree on policy and politics, but greater representation is the key to women advancing their interests whether it is equal pay, better access to healthcare and childcare or reshaping how America interacts with the world. We are a nation of 320+ million people. That means there are enough women qualified to do any job including US Senator and Representative. So I’m asking the women of America to step away from the sheet cake, and step up to the plate in 2018.

One year later: Still she persisted

Cambridge / Boston Women’s March on the Cambridge Common, January 20, 2018.  Photo Credit: Greg Cook || gregcookland.com

One year after the historic Women’s March of 2017 and just days after the Federal Government was forced to shutdown, thousands took to the streets in cities all across the United States. While the massive crowds that overtook and overwhelmed the streets of Boston were smaller this year when people gathered on the Cambridge Common, it remains inspiring for me to see people braving the cold to exercise their rights and make their voices heard.

Thanks to Greg Cook for sharing some of the best protest signs from Saturday’s Boston/Cambridge Women’s March 2018: The People Persist.

Pew Research political typology quiz

Are you a core conservative, solid liberal or somewhere in between? Take Pew Research’s quiz to see which political typology group is your best match

Pew Research has an online survey to help evaluate what political group matches your political philosophy. It was created and based on a survey of more than 5,000 U.S. adults. I will admit I did not agree with many of the answers to the questions, which were too black and white, and I often had to choose between which answer I disagreed with less, but it was interesting all the same. Pew Research, political typology quizAfter taking Pew’s survey I received a rating of “Solid Liberal” (no surprise to me or those who know me). According to Pew only about 16% of America identify as Solid Liberals. Characteristics of this political group are steadfast advocates for social safety nets; they think immigrants are an important part of what makes America unique and great; support social issues and believe homosexuality should be accepted by society.  If you’d like to take this online quiz link here

Trumpism: Divide and conquer

While political junkies talk endlessly about dropping poll numbers for President Trump and his detractors make bold predictions for the midterm elections, I’m reminded of the proverb, Pride Comes Before a Fall.

Midterm elections are notoriously difficult to get voter turnout and Trump’s supporters are if nothing else, loyal and dedicated. Combine that with some findings published in this week’s NYT article, Trump’s Popularity Has Declined Across Voting Blocs in the Past Year, which despite its title suggests that his largest declines comes from voting blocs that never really supported him to begin with and one wonders why Democrats feel quite so confident?

Does it really matter that his popularity has fallen 8 points by those who describe themselves as Democrats? While his drop in popularity also includes crucial demographics for the President like self described Republicans and Conservatives – these dips are far smaller. It seems to me that detractors of the President should spend more time focusing on targeting voters who either stood on the sidelines in the 2016 Presidential election or voted for Trump more to vote against Clinton than out of any support for the President.

A house divided against itself cannot stand” – Abraham Lincoln

Building bridges is a lot harder than blowing them up and unfortunately Democrats are in far greater need for bridge builders. Under Trump’s leadership, the Republican Party has a laser focus on shrinking and riling up their base to ensure they turn out in every election. Donald Trump has successfully employed a divide and conquer strategy. Playing on people’s fears and anger inevitably benefits Donald Trump. If you are truly opposed to Donald Trump what will you do to replace those fears with faith in a better tomorrow and anger with action?

Meet Jess Phoenix from California’s 25th Congressional district

California's 25th Congressional DistrictI don’t know much about Jess Phoenix other than she is a geologist who is running for U.S. House of Representatives 25th District in California and hopes to replace U.S. Representative Steve Knight who has a 0% Lifetime score by The League of Conservation Voters on issues pertaining to the environment.

The 25th Congressional district is located just north of Los Angeles and it hasn’t sent a Democrat to D.C. in 25 years but Jess Phoenix seems undeterred by that fact.  I realize that this post is not what I typically write about but I hope in the months that follow I hear about more candidates (and specifically female candidates) like Jess coming forward to announce their candidacy.

If you live in this district or near it, talk to your friends about Jess. I’m a firm believer in grassroots organizing and if more people were to get involved, we might be more proud and less ashamed of our government.


Will a Puerto Rican exodus turn purple Florida blue

trumpLaw of unintended consequences: Will the exodus from Puerto Rico turn Florida Blue and surpass the Cuban voting block

In about ten months Americans will go to the polls for the midterm elections. It is hard to predict what the current mood of the nation will be, but an unintended consequence of our racist response (I don’t know how else to describe it) to helping Puerto Rico recover from the damage caused by Hurricane Maria could tilt elections in the purple state of Florida.

Somewhere between 150,000 – 200,000 Puerto Ricans moved to Florida in the two months following Hurricane Maria and that state’s Puerto Rican population is now by some estimates more than 1 million people. Over the next two years Puerto Rico is expected to lose almost 15% of its population or approximately 500,000 people with the majority likely to end up in Florida. Just like the Cuban population in Florida, Puerto Ricans are overwhelmingly Roman Catholic, but unlike their Latino brethren, they overwhelmingly identify and vote Democrat.

FloridaDemocrats need to mobilize and channel Puerto Rican rage at Trump’s response to Hurricane Maria’s devastation

Puerto Ricans are still smarting from our inaction, and Republicans in Florida have become alarmed by the influx to their state. Noting not only the disproportionate burden their state shares in providing social services, education, etc… but also what this could mean for their re-election bids.

I might start believing in karma if the heartless response to helping Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Maria resulted in turning Florida’s 29 electoral votes into a reliable state for Democrats. The key moving forward is mobilizing and channeling the rightful rage of Puerto Ricans who have fled their  home into a voting block that will rival and surpass Cubans in the state of Florida. It is hard to imagine how short sighted the Republican Party’s response to helping the island of Puerto Rico could be if their inaction results in turning the third most populous state (by Electoral Votes) Democrat in the winner takes all Presidential elections come 2020.