Joe Biden’s lead over Trump grows to 5 million

Donald Trump’s inability to accept defeat by Joe Biden is not a surprise. What is a surprise is Biden receiving 77 million votes; nearly 5 million more votes than Trump as well as winning the two solidly red states of Arizona and Georgia.

As mail-in ballots were counted in the days that followed the election and Trump watched his lead in several states dissapear, his limited cognitive abilities left him to conclude (what he has been asserting since he ran for election in 2016) that our democracy is rigged. These bogus claims have failed to stand up in court, but I’m frustrated by Republicans like Attorney General William Barr and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who are lending credence to these claims without any evidence and the media’s (and when I say “the media” I actually mean FOX News) lack of pushback to these conspiracy theories.

Why can’t a list of voters be provided by the Trump re-election campaign to corroborate claims of voter fraud?

We’ve just witnessed an historic election that had more Americans voting for president than ever before. The latest tallies have Joe Biden with 77 million votes and Donald Trump with 72 million votes, meaning 149 million Americans cast a vote in this election up from 138 million in 2016.

Biden’s cushion of 5 million more votes than Trump is why he was able to win states like Georgia which saw 1 million more voters participate in this elecation than 2016, and Arizona which saw approximately 900,000 more voters participate in this election. Turnout was up everywhere in the nation, but in many sunbelt states that increase favors Democrats.

Joe Biden recieved 77 million votes to Donald Trump’s 72 million votes.

As corny as it sounds, I have absolute faith that our government will transition power to Joe Biden in January, but what concerns me is the way this will happen and at what cost to the Biden/Harris team? Will Joe Biden be plagued by innuendo and unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud due to this public trial based solely on Trump’s vivid imagination and no facts? Will Biden’s effort to address and curb the coronavirus pandemic be set back? Will they be able to conduct background checks on members of their incoming administration so they can be ready to work come January 2021?

Who can say what the coming weeks will bring, but this is an excellent civics class where we are all able to watch our government. The real question in my mind, is will key Republicans be true to the democratic process or to their beloved, obese turtle who finds himself on his back flailing in the hot sun?

2 responses to “Joe Biden’s lead over Trump grows to 5 million

  1. “obese turtle who finds himself on his back flailing in the hot sun?”. Quoting Mr Cooper?



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