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Canadian video tells America “We think you’re great”

I really like (and appreciate) this video made by Canadians that came out earlier this month, sending a positive message to Americans and explaining why they think America is a really great place.

Girl Power: Hillary, Michelle and Elizabeth

elizabeth-warrenAnyone else find it interesting that in this election, with the exception of Barack, the men have faltered, fumbled or failed at taking on Donald Trump? It has been women like Hillary, Michelle and my US Senator, Elizabeth Warren, who have stood up to the orange-tinged bully, Donald Trump.

Hillary has done far better than the 15 men who joined Donald Trump on the debate stage earlier this year and she has gone toe-to-toe with him on the campaign trail – never flinching.  Additionally, Michelle Obama’s speech at the DNC followed by last week’s speech in NH struck a nerve; in less than a week the abbreviated clip I shared has nearly 3 million views.

I’m particularly proud that these three women have not shied, bowed or cowered in the face of Trump’s withering personal attacks and his misogynistic, pussy-grabbing advocating surrogates comments, that seek to discredit women by hurling insults about their weight or looks. #ImWithHer.


Word of the day: Trumpery


Full page advert brilliantly mocks Gov. Pat McCrory support of anti-LGBT bill HB-2

pat mccrory, North Carolina HB 2

Monday, October 17th was North Carolina Governor, Pat McCrory’s 60th birthday and a group called “Writers for a Progressive North Carolina” used the opportunity to creatively mock the embattled Governor with this full page newspaper advertisement shown above.

The bill which was signed into law approximately 7 months ago has been opposed by the business community, sports community and beyond, costing the state of North Carolina a jaw dropping $400 million (nearly $60 million a month) and resulting in the state of North Carolina suffering from what Matt Patsky, CEO for Trillium Asset Management called a “state-government-inflicted recession.”

Michelle Obama speech in New Hampshire

Earlier today Michelle Obama responded to Donald Trump’s comments about how he has treated women in the past at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire. She succinctly articulated exactly what I was thinking but had failed to verbalize.

I am going to miss Michelle Obama. Growing up I thought of Jacqueline Kennedy as the ideal First Lady, but Michelle Obama has supplanted Jackie O as my favorite first lady. She inspires and motivates me, and I will miss her.

Did you know the Federal government is barred from negotiating lower prices for prescription drugs

Rx, medicare, medicaidI pride myself on being fairly knowledgeable when it comes to politics but this morning, while I was watching Dr. Jeffrey Sachs on Morning Joe, I was surprised to learn that the federal government is barred from negotiating prescription medication prices with pharmaceutical companies.

The point of sharing this isn’t to cast blame or shame on one political party or another because the law, that was passed under a Republican President with the support of a Democratic Congress did not change under a Democratic President with a Republican Congress so in lieu of casting blame, I thought I’d take a novel approach to politics and suggest a solution.

Call the US Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask to speak to your representative to ask what can be done and how they have voted. In politics the squeaky wheel gets the grease and if you call asking for clarity on this it may make your representative think twice about the pharmaceutical lobbyists.

I know my blog isn’t very political and that political action isn’t why people visit my blog but the thought that the Federal government is barred from negotiating the price of prescription drugs because of pharmaceutical lobbyists  and a do-nothing Congress is galling. For all the talk of cost-saving with regards to our healthcare services and social programs like Medicare, Medicaid as well as programs like Social Security this seems like a HUGE donut hole we should be able  to change that would bring immediate and significant cost savings.

How you feelin’ about tonight’s VP debate?

Hillary ClintonI know that you’ve likely seen this already but I still think it is funny.