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Stew Driflot makes protesting in Boston look sexy

Andrew Kimmel, Boston protest The “Free Speech Rally” hosted this past Saturday in Boston could barely muster a couple dozen Libertarians and White Supremacists to the Boston Common. This despicable group who wrapped themselves in our country’s Bill of Rights for the purpose of antagonizing and getting free media were dwarfed by an impressive counter demonstration that police estimate ranged from 30,000 – 40,000 people.

The photo above from @andrewkimmel_Twitter account caused a bit of a stir. Let’s just say that while hate is ugly there is no denying that promoting peace is sexy and Stew is living proof of that. You can follow Stew on Twitter (if you like) here: @Stewart_Driflot.

Is America greater today than it was a year ago?

This past week was not a very good week for President Trump but then again it is hard to think of a ‘good week’ since Trump was sworn into office. Unsurprisingly the bad press has not deterred his core supporters (approximately 35% if one is to believe polls that consistently show his support in this range). I presume some of those who support Trump would point to his leadership in business and a perception he is making America stronger, but it is hard to follow this logic.

Executives Flee Trump and Allies Mock Him

In the past week Trump’s business advisory councils have disbanded after an embarrassing exodus of executives. (I wish there was more reporting on the fact that Trump cannot seem to work with business leaders.) Couple that with the fact that in less than 7 months Trump has also managed to alienate or offend some of our longest and strongest allies and it is hard to understand how we are “stronger” than we were a year earlier.

Increasingly Negative Global Perceptions of America  

I find it depressing to see the cover of Der Spiegel mirroring  recent covers by Time, The New Yorker and even The Economist. I can spot a trend when I see one and this is not a helpful or hopeful trajectory for America. I’m curious how Republicans in Congress will work with Trump when they return to DC in September. They have a very busy calendar with important topics to be discussed ranging from raising the debt ceiling to tax reform. If something (anything) gets done, how will the electorate respond? The 2018 campaign season will be upon us before we realize it and this new normal of illustrating our President as a Nazi or KKK sympathizer cannot be good for anyone – least of all the United States.

Facing America’s racist present

The title of this post was intentionally a play on words and could easily have read “Facing America’s racist President”. Make of that observation what you will, but his comments regarding recent events in Charlottesville, VA are an embarrassment and more reminiscent of the 1960s than present day.

IMO President Trump’s sympathetic response to white supremacists  is not particularly surprising considering how consistently he has courted this group. What is surprising is how many people chose to either abstain from our Presidential election or voted for Trump despite his ongoing flirtations with the KKK and white supremacist leaders.

I’m left wondering if America has become so polarized that there is no line that cannot be crossed – No behavior that cannot be overlooked – No action that warrants a response: Provided those who cross that line, exhibit bad behavior or act inappropriately identify with your political philosophy. It is laughable to think most American’s claim not to identify with a political party because how easily we write off behavior (on both sides) indicates quite the opposite.

History of American Presidents

donald trump, resist, not my president, trumpfThis is an easy to follow chart of U.S. Presidential history that I wanted to share. You can click on the photo to enlarge if the image is too small to see in the post.

Gollum reads Donald Trump tweets

Andy Serkis, Trump Tweets

Andy Serkis is an English actor and director probably best known as the voice of Gollum, a fictional character from The Lord of the Rings movies. Last week he happened to be on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert when the host, Stephen Colbert, asked if he would read one of Donald Trump’s recent tweets.

This could make for a great political commercial next fall. It is both hilarious and frightening. If you missed it, check out this 90-second clip.

America’s secular credo and Lady Liberty

We would all do well to remember America’s secular credo that was inscribed on the Statue of Liberty, because a 21st century strain of xenophobia has reared its ugly head in American politics. While it is easy to blame President Trump, remember that his policies are supported by millions of Americans so on the eve of 4th of July celebrations let’s make a commitment to strike up a conversation with someone who either supports the President’s unAmerican ban on refugees and immigrants or to reengage someone who didn’t vote in the last election.

No matter how passionate the case is made, opposing someone doesn’t turn an undecided or disenfranchised voter into a supporter. It is time to stop all the political rants. While they may feel cathartic only people who already agree with you are listening and more than likely you are turning off disenfranchised voters. We need to start engaging in meaningful and respectful dialog with others we may disagree with or who have turned a deaf ear to politics.

TrumpCare health plan

trumpcare, ms. betty bowersCourtesy of the hilarious Mrs. Bettty Bowers which came to my attention thanks to Dan. It is too good not to share, but as Dan said, it would be a lot more funny if it didn’t have such a ring of truth to it.