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Europe according to Donald Trump

political humor, donald trump, trump policyFunny or sad? It is a combination of both feelings for me.

Be a Masshole not an asshole, vote yes on 3

When you go to the polls today, be sure to vote yes on 3.

Vote on November 6th

vote, elections, midterm elections, gay voteFew things frustrate me more than people who complain about the current political climate but do nothing to improve it. I wish that Americans followed politics half as close as they follow the Kardashians, but sadly that isn’t the case. It is for this reason, I believe we have a reality ‘star’ as our current President.

Tuesday, November 6th is election day in all 50 states. If you are registered but don’t know where to go or if you didn’t register but want to change that so you can vote in the next election visit:

Adam Rippon talks about midterm elections

U.S. Olympian, Adam Rippon, explains everything you need to know about the upcoming midterm election, what’s at stake if you don’t show up at the polls on Nov. 6 and why YOUR vote matters.


Addicted to Serial podcast season 3

SERIAL Season 3 Episode 1 || Artwork by Melody Newcomb

The podcast series SERIAL is back again with a third season and it seems as if they’e found their mojo again. Simply put, I’m hooked. The third season focuses on everyday cases in the criminal justice system in Cleveland and after listening to a couple of these episodes, I hope this season can brings as much attention to the everyday life of our criminal justice system as season one did for Adnan Sayed from season one.

If you think about it, if our criminal justice system was working as it should movements like Black Lives Matter and #MeToo would have never surfaced. And if we can’t or don’t improve our criminal justice system it is logical to assume their will be more of these movements and they will continue to grow. I know that there are a lot of very good people who work in the criminal justice system and their efforts go unheralded, but much more needs to be done. If you feel the same, download the podcast series and check it out.

SERIAL Season 3

In Trump Russia Trusts

As someone who grew up in the 1980s, I never would have imagined that the hawkish Republican Party would become the party of Russia.

Breaking news: Trump arrives in London

MAGAI loved this Tweet from @joncoopertweets and wanted to share it with you.