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History of American Presidents

donald trump, resist, not my president, trumpfThis is an easy to follow chart of U.S. Presidential history that I wanted to share. You can click on the photo to enlarge if the image is too small to see in the post.

Gollum reads Donald Trump tweets

Andy Serkis, Trump Tweets

Andy Serkis is an English actor and director probably best known as the voice of Gollum, a fictional character from The Lord of the Rings movies. Last week he happened to be on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert when the host, Stephen Colbert, asked if he would read one of Donald Trump’s recent tweets.

This could make for a great political commercial next fall. It is both hilarious and frightening. If you missed it, check out this 90-second clip.

America’s secular credo and Lady Liberty

We would all do well to remember America’s secular credo that was inscribed on the Statue of Liberty, because a 21st century strain of xenophobia has reared its ugly head in American politics. While it is easy to blame President Trump, remember that his policies are supported by millions of Americans so on the eve of 4th of July celebrations let’s make a commitment to strike up a conversation with someone who either supports the President’s unAmerican ban on refugees and immigrants or to reengage someone who didn’t vote in the last election.

No matter how passionate the case is made, opposing someone doesn’t turn an undecided or disenfranchised voter into a supporter. It is time to stop all the political rants. While they may feel cathartic only people who already agree with you are listening and more than likely you are turning off disenfranchised voters. We need to start engaging in meaningful and respectful dialog with others we may disagree with or who have turned a deaf ear to politics.

TrumpCare health plan

trumpcare, ms. betty bowersCourtesy of the hilarious Mrs. Bettty Bowers which came to my attention thanks to Dan. It is too good not to share, but as Dan said, it would be a lot more funny if it didn’t have such a ring of truth to it.

Are we pulling the right levers to take back Congress

Motley tshirtAfter spending last weekend in Washington D.C. to participate in the National Equality and Pride March, I’ve been thinking about what the Democratic Party needs to do if they want to take back the U.S. Congress in 2018 (a tall order with the way most districts have been drawn) and the White House in 2020.

Recently, John Aravois wrote an article, Yes, Virginia, corporate America played an important role in the LGBT rights revolution, in Americablog that got me to thinking about what might need to happen to make those gains in Congress a reality. His article starts with him sharing what he learned from working with the Late Senator Ted Kennedy. While the article is focused on the relationship between corporate America and LGBT rights, he makes a point that also applies to what Democrats need to do if they want to take back the US Congress in 2018 when he wrote,

“Being successful in politics, and getting what you want in both policy and legislation, is about knowing what levers to push.”

Aravois was referring to what Senator Kennedy did in Congress to get votes for key legislation, but the idea has merit when it comes to rebuilding bridges where the party lost ground in the 2016 Presidential election (e.g. Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin – to name but a few) and to help accelerate change in states that were once deep red but now are slowly turning purple (e.g. North Carolina and Georgia).

One of those “levers” we need to start pushing is having the Democratic Party field more Gen X, Y and Millennials candidates.  Another lever we need to pull (or maybe stop pulling) is this idea that the Democratic Party consists of Clinton supporters on one side and Sanders / Warren progressives on the other side. The fact is both those constituencies came together for the most part when and where they needed to in the 2016. It didn’t really matter though because those crucial yet fickle Independents who traditionally lean Democrat didn’t turn out so we need to make those people feel like they have a seat at the table if we expect them to turn up on election day.

My two cents

Washington D.C. Pride and the National Equality & Pride March

This weekend Sergio and I visited our friends David and Mark (shown above). Once upon a time these two wonderful men lived in Boston but they moved away and now Washington D.C. is now their home. The opportunity to see our friends, experience D.C. Pride for the first time and participate in the National Equality & Pride March on Sunday, June 11th made for a fantastic weekend. I’m also happy to say we weren’t the only ones from Boston; nearly everywhere we went we saw guys from Boston participating in D.C. Pride and the march. Washington DC Pride, gay DCDavid and Mark were the consummate hosts. We were able to enjoy the D.C. Pride parade from 17th Street for an hour or so before going to their friend Rodrigo’s beautiful condo which had a very large roof deck affording great views of the parade and also happened to have a table full of cold adult beverages.

D.C. Pride was really excellent and was the perfect appetizer for the main course (so to speak), the National Equality & Pride March, the following day.  I might be biased, but I thought Sergio had the best t-shirt of the entire march. Below Sergio’s photo are two nice guys who also gave me a good laugh with their Absolutely Fabulous inspired t-shirts. Gay DC, National Equality & Pride MarchGay DC, National Equality & Pride MarchGay DC, National Equality & Pride MarchFollowing all our marching the group above which are all friends of David and Mark from D.C. and Charlotte did what all gay men do best on a Sunday afternoon – we went to brunch. Our trip was capped off with a very relaxing dinner at another friend’s home in a leafy neighborhood of D.C. All told the weekend was an amazing time and while I have no idea how many people marched on Sunday, it was a wonderful experience we will remember.

Happy Pride

Call me maybe?

call me maybe, trump asks world leaders to call him on his cell phoneWhat happens when President Trump tells Batman he can call him on his private cell phone? Hard to imagine this dumbass was upset about Hillary Clinton compromising security by using a private email server.