Proud boys

Prop 8

Over the weekend thousands of gay men launched a savvy online campaign using the the hashtag of the white supremacist group “Proud Boys”, depicting proud gay men of all ages in a variety of poses. The online activity resulted in making the hashtag #proudboys a top trend on sites like Twitter.

For those unfamiliar with Proud Boys (as I was prior to last week), the group formed during the last Presidential campaign in 2016. The group is considered a far-right, neo-fascist and male-only organization and are labelled as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The group actively promotes and engages in political violence in the US and Canada. While the group officially rejects racism, their composition and the words of their members suggest otherwise.

Because of the recent attention and what this violent group propogates, some social media channels have reportedly been blocking this hash tag and mention of the group but as of today, #proudboys was still trending on Twitter so if you have a moment, share with the world how proud you are.


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