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Provincetown 2018 summer entertainment

Entering-ProvincetownWhenever I am contacted by readers asking for suggestions about what to do in Provincetown, I always encourage them to attend at least one performance.

Below is a listing of the talent coming to Provincetown. I’ve added links to make it easier to get more information about these performances and to purchase tickets. An asterisk* it signifies that the show is performed regularly (on specific nights) starting on that date and running through the remainder of the season.

 Migguel Anggelo, Nora Burns, Chris Harder, James Judd, Sam Morrison, Neil Thornton, Deven Green, Randy Rainbow, Unitard, Paula Poundstone, Leslie Jordan, Bruce VilanchCOMEDY & CABARET IN PROVINCETOWN

May 30 – Jun 3   Cabaretfest
Jun4*                    ShowGirls weekly talent show is every Monday
Jun 12-13              Migguel Anggelo performs his one man show, La Misa, Baby!
Jun 19-20             Nora Burns performs her one woman show, David’s Friend
Jun 26-27             Chris Harder performs his show Porn To Be A Star
Jun 28*                 James Judd from NPR brings his show to Ptown
Jul 9-11                  Sam Morrison performs his show Hello Daddy
Jul 10                     Neil Thornton One night only, comedy show
Jul 18-20               Poppy’s Poppin’ N Rockin’ Comedy Show
Jul 23-27               Deven Green comes to Ptown for five nights only
Aug 6-7                  Randy Rainbow YouTube personality
Aug 9-10                Unitard presents their show Tard Core
Aug 11                     Paula Poundstone performs for one night only
Aug 13-14               Leslie Jordan performs his show Exposed
Aug 17-18               Bruce Vilanch performs A funny thing happened on                                                     the way to the dick dock


May 26-27*          Thirsty Burlington performs All Things Cher                                                                   Every Friday and Sunday, starting June 29th
May 26*                Miss Ritchfield 1981 (new venue this year)
June 1*                  Dina Martina performs “Crème de la Dregs” 
Jun 5-6                  Liza Lott Sings the Blues
Jun 21*                  Raja Season 3 winner of RPDR performs
Jun 23-27             Jackie Beat comes to Ptown for 4 shows only!
Jun 26-Jul            Candis Cayne performs Hi Gorgeous for 6 shows only
Jun 29*                 Jimmy James performs Divas are forever!
Jul 2-3                  Pam Ann
Jul 4 – Aug 19      Trixie Mattel brings her show to Ptown
Jul 6*                     Ben DeLaCreme performs Inferno A-Go-Go 
Jul 6*                     Varla Jean Merman & Peaches Christ perform The Whining
Jul 16                     Chelsea Piers performs Are you there Ru it’s me Chelsea
Jul 23-24              Sandra Bernhard performs her show, Sandemonium
Jul 23-Aug 1         Joan Rivers Tribute ShowThe Bitch is Back
Jul 24*                   Aurora Sexton performs Let Them Eat Cake
Aug 12-14              The rise and fall (and rise) of Martha Stewart
June 22*               Varla Jean Merman performs Under a Big Top 
Jun 23*                 Jinkx Monsoon performs Beach City Bimbo 
Jun 30*                 Miss Conception performs Forbidden Diznee 
Jul 4*                     Jinx, Peaches & Liza in Hocum Pokem 
Jul 6*                     Varla Jean & Peaches Christ in The Whining 
Jul 9                       Bianca Del Rio One Show Only! Blame it on Bianca
Jul 23-29               Deven Green
Jul 30-Aug 1         Paige Turner  performs Drag Me To The Top
Aug 17-30              Miss Coco Peru performs The Taming of the Tension
Aug 20-29             3s Company, If you can’t beat’em join’em
Aug 28 – Sept 2    Lady Bunny comes to Ptown for six shows only
Sept 3                     Bob The Drag Queen appears for one show only
Sept 6-8                 Sherry Vine comes to Ptown for three shows only


May 2 – Jun 2       You Can’t Take It With You
Jun 2                       Jodi Kantor & Andrew Sullivan in conversation
Jun 16                     POLLOCK: A staged reading
Jun 21*                   MALECALL presents Student Bodies 
Jun 22*                  Star Boys w/ Kim David Smith sci-fi burlesque show
Jun 24*                  Brokelahomo! from the Gold Dust Orphans
Jul 8-9                    Bearlesque hosted by Josh Schonewolf
Jul 10*                    Hair the Musical
Jul 16 – Aug 30     Love! Valour! Compassion!
Aug 5-9                   Baloney: San Francisco’s All Male Revue
Sept 6-8                  Midnight at the Never Get


May 28*                Bobby Weatherbee at the Central House Piano Bar
May 28*                Doug Repetti at the Dive Bar Piano at the Crown
Jun 29*                 Esera Tualo from The Voice performs at Pilgrim House
Jul 1*                      Well Strung
Jul 5*                     Steve Grand returns for a second season
Jul 7-8                   Branden & James
Jul 9-10                 Matt Alber
Jul 11-12                Tom Goss performs Confessions of a Pocket Cub
Jul 15-16               Judy Kuhn w/ Seth Rudetsky
Jul 17                     Adam Pascal w/ Seth Rudetsky
Jul 17*                   Speakeasy Night w/ Zoe Lewis & the Bootleggers
Jul 19-20              Christine Ebersole w/ Seth Rudetsky
Jul 23                    Lucy Arnaz
Jul 28-29              Will Swenson w/ Seth Rudetsky
Aug 4-5                 Sierra Boggess w/ Seth Rudetsky
Aug 5                     Telly Leung, Broadway and TV star performs for one night
Aug 9                     Provincetown’s Jazz Festival
Aug 11-16              Brian Justin Crum
Aug 12                   Liz Callaway w/ Seth Rudetsky
Aug 13                   Jeremy Jordan w/ Seth Rudetsky
Aug 19                   Emily Skinner w/ Seth Rudetsky
Aug 21-22             Stephanie Block w/ Seth Rudetsky
Aug 24-27             Marilyn Maye
Aug 26-27             Linda Eder returns to Ptown for two shows
Sept 1-2                 Alice Ripley w/ Seth Rudetsky
Sept 9                    Kathy Najimy performs Lift Up Your Skirt

NOTE: The asterisk * signifies that this production / performer will be playing through the remainder of the 2018 summer season.

Provincetown Film Festival is June 13 – 17

In one month’s time the Provincetown Film Festival will take place. Sean Baker (The Florida Project, Tangerine and Starlet) will be honored as this year’s Filmmaker on the Edge, and Chlöe Grace Moretz (The Miseduction of Cameron Post, The Equalier and Hugo) will receive the festival’s Next Wave Award.

Wild Nights with Emily, a dramatic comedy about the secret life of Massachusetts native and one of America’s most prominent poets, Emily Dickenson, will open the Provincetown Film Festival. The movie stars Molly Shannon, sharing the poets vivacious and irreverent side as well as her lifelong romantic relationship with another woman.

You can access the full calendar for the film festival and purchase tickets here: Provincetown Film Festival.

Saturday morning comics

This week’s Saturday morning comics blog post includes both Adam and Andy as well as Casey At The Bat. Enjoy & share this weeks’ comics and then go check out their respective websites and share them with your friends.gay cartoon, gay comic, James Asal Jr.ADAM & ANDY is set in the fictional New England town of Woodfield, CT. You can learn more about this strip by visiting, adamandandy.com.

Click on this week’s comic to enlargegay cartoon, gay comic

Click here if you would like to see  the previous Adam & Andy


Bob Glass, Bob Glasscock, gay comic, gay cartoon

CASEY AT THE BAT is a comic strip follows the adventures of a young, gay man [Casey] and his friends in life, love and sports!  You can learn more about Casey by visiting, caseyatb.com.

Click on this week’s comic to enlargebob glass, bob glasscock, gay cartoon, gay comic

Click here if you want to see the previous Casey At The Bat

This weekend: First Fridays and the SoWa Art Walk

SoWa Art Walk

By Evan Rosenberg || 450 Harrison Avenue – Artist Studio #307A 

This weekend celebrate and explore Boston’s most vibrant arts community at the Annual SoWa Art Walk. Make the most of this two-day event on your own, with friends or even as a date – it’s free to peruse and makes for a great opportunity to  see Boston’s creative economy up close. Perhaps the best date option is perusing studios and galleries this Friday as part of “First Fridays” where each month artist studios and galleries welcome people from 5 – 9PM.

I’d also like to give my friend and Boston-area artist, Evan Rosenberg a shout out and encourage you to stop by and visit his debut showing from his current series, Therapy, which will be at Abigail Ogilvy Gallery’s 450 Harrison Ave showroom on the 3rd floor in studio #307A.

Did you know the SoWa Art & Design District has more than 300 working artists studios, and is the largest concentration of contemporary art galleries in the city? Plan on coming out either Friday evening for First Fridays or for the SoWa Art Walk on Saturday and Sunday.

Public art in Boston

boston art, boston sculptures

The Appeal to the Great Spirit dominates the MFA Boston entrance and is one of my favorite pieces of public art in Boston

WBUR recently published The 50 Best Works of Public Art in Greater Boston, ranked. WBUR Arts reporter, Greg Cook, opens the article pointing to past criticisms by other Boston art critics who complain of a lack of imagination and a history of having too many sculptures of sports heroes and old white politicians.

Boston’s public art isn’t what is stodgy as much as it might be those whining art critics who must only walk around Beacon Hill, The Back Bay and Government Center. If they ever visited other neighborhoods they might be surprised by what they see. While I agree that Boston has a ton of art dedicated to athletes and politicians let’s remember this is a sports town of the first order and there was this little thing called the American Revolution which started here so we should have a lot of those statues – it’s what the tourists come here to see.

Bored Panda

Brazilian street artists, Os Gemeos’s, 70′ x 70′ mural in Dewey Square was the first temporary art installation on the Greenway, Aug 1 – Nov 25, 2012

I have to compliment Cook on his list of public art, but in this blog post I’ve added a few favorites of mine which didn’t make his list. Notably I’d like to also share a 2015 article from Boston Magazine, which was dedicated to the amazing street art that dominates much of Allston, Neighborhood Public Art: Allston.

I would also like to give a shout out to the Underground Ink Block park, which opened last year and I think was overlooked. It shares more creative graffiti street art under the I-93 expressway along the South End / Southie border. Below are some examples of what you’ll find in this new park.South End Parkstreet art, graffiti art, south endstreet art, graffiti art, south end


Boston’s Wicked Queer Film Festival opens today

Attention all you movie lovers – Boston’s LGBT Film Festival, a.k.a. “Wicked Queer”, starts today. Wicked Queer runs through April 8 at area venues including the MFA Boston, Emerson’s Paramount Center and Brattle Theatre. This year’s festival has many films that deal with the timely topic of refugees and immigrants, a complex issue that’s even more complicated for LGBT community.

Wicked Queer Film Festival March 29 – April 8, 2018

The Boston Globe provided a nice write up about this film festival, one of the oldest / longest running in the country, which you can read here,  LGBT Film Festival takes on immigration.

For a complete listing and to purchase tickets (which I strongly encourage you to do) visit, wickedqueer.org/events.

The best gay films of 2017

Fat CatOut.com has published a list of what they are referring to as “the best gay films of 2017“. The article suggests that gay film making no longer has to “go mainstream” because, of late, the best new films have been gay movies.  I don’t quite share the writer’s optimism of either gay films being mainstream or all the best films having gay themes. However, my biggest issue with their list is that it doesn’t include the 2017 Oscar nominated, Call Me By Your Name

Out Magazine’s List of 12 Best Gay Films of 2017

A Quiet Passion is Terence Davies’ biography of poet Emily Dickinson

Paris: 05:59: Theo & Hugo is the love story of the year for its PREP-era consciousness and focus on emotional intimacy

Four Days in France turns a romantic break-up into a rediscovery of personal, national, cultural unity

Staying Vertical is Alain Guiraudie’s challenge to the hypocrisy of a society unprepared for a gay man who wants to be a parent

My Life as a Zucchini is the year’s best animated film (I wonder if the X-rated version of this is an eggplant)

Frantz is Francois Ozon’s adaptation of Ernst Lubitsch’s The Man I Killed, turning a World War I memorial into powerful fraternal passion

The Assignment is Walter Hill’s transgender crime movie in which mad scientist Sigourney Weaver turns a hit man into Michelle Rodriguez

BPM is Robin Campillo’s epic parade of AIDS activism in ‘80s Paris. Its array of emotions, personalities and politics is tragic and euphoric
NOTE: This is playing at the Wicked Queer Film Festival for free on April 5th

Tom of Finland is Dome Karukoski’s instant-classic bio-pic about the icon of gay erotica

 The Ornithologist is Joao Pedro Rodrigues’ exploration of gay spirituality as erotically embodied by Paul Hamy, a scientist on a surreal journey through metaphorical wilderness to religious revelation

God’s Own Country is Francis Lee’s star-crossed romance between a Yorkshire shepherd and a Romanian immigrant

Dream Boat by Tristan Ferland Milewski turns a documentary about a gay pleasure cruise into something much more

Are there any movies you think should’ve been on this list? If so, share your thoughts in the comments section.