ICA Watershed in East Boston reopens

ICA Watershed photo by Florian Holzherr

The ICA Watershed, which first opened in the Boston Harbor Shipyard and Marina in summer 2018, transformed a 15,000-square-foot, formerly condemned space into a vibrant, new venue for the public to see and experience large-scale art in East Boston. 

During the pandemic, it was used as a food distribution site to address a direct need within the East Boston community, but starting next month the space will reopen with a massive sculptural installation by Dominican artist Firelei Báez.

Báez will temporarily convert the Watershed gallery space into the site of an imagined, ancient Caribbean ruin where the sea has receded to reveal the archeology of human history in the Caribbean. 

The exhibit will open later this week, starting July 3 and run through September 6, 2021. You can learn more by visiting the ICA Watershed website.


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