BosGuy ISO ideas for Saturday posts

I need your help. I’m looking for ideas on what to replace my Saturday morning comics post with on Is there content you would like to see shared that is not well represented on this blog or online in general? I’m open to ideas and would appreciate it if you’d take a moment to share your thoughts below.

11 responses to “BosGuy ISO ideas for Saturday posts


    I very much miss “Andy & Amos.”


  2. Kevin J. Matthews

    I look forward to and thoroughly enjoy ANYTHING you send out and am amazed that you don’t get many responses/much feedback! Keep ON DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING! KUDOS TO YOU. Many thanks!

    Leominster, MA


  3. I voted for a variety of content. I love your blog. I also loved the LGBTQ book reviews.


  4. I participated in the survey but missed the comment box. Just want to say, I enjoyed Adam and Andy. Read it every week.


  5. I have liked Adam and Andy, not sure about the current story line. Don’t care for the replacement – Anime style with worn humour. I don’t really have any suggestions, unfortunately. You already have a range of approaches for each day of the week, and I look forward to all of them. Thank you for what you do!


  6. Honestly, I don’t read the comics. And honestly, it’s the only thing I don’t read on your blog. Love everything else!! If I had one suggestion for replacement, it would be something about P-Town on a regular basis. My partners daughter lives in Manchester, NH so we get to that part of the country periodically. Always nice to know what’s happening in bean town – the addition about P-Town would be icing on the cake!!
    Stay well.

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  7. just wondering…any idea what’s up with adam and andy?

    i love it when you share favorite recipes and the stories that go with them.


    • Earlier this fall I know the creator was busy with work and was unable to find the time to consistently keep up and draw his comic, which is in part what has led me to ask for what people may like to see on Saturdays.


  8. R. Drew Sondles

    Entertainment news should drop on Thursday or Friday. On Saturday it’s to late, unless you’re talking about events a week in advance.
    I’d miss the Saturday Comics!!!



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