Provincetown Film Society’s Winter Auction


The 23rd Provincetown International Film Festival, hosted by the Provincetown Film Society, will take place June 16 – June 25, 2021. The winter auction which opens later this week uses the money raised to help support the cinemas and continue their year-round programming including the annual Women’s Media Summit, Film Financing Forum, Jamaica on Film Festival, and the LGBTQIA2+ Young Film-Maker Mentorships.

Provincetown Film Society Winter Auction January 29 – February 7, 2021

Click here to check out the items for this year’s online auction

About Provincetown Film Society (PFS): The Society is an advocate for gender, racial, and LGBTQIA+ representation in film, providing year-round programming and platforms that allow voices of all kinds to be heard. PFS’s work postively impacts the cultural and economic vitality of Provincetown, and its work helps shape industry discussions around parity in film.


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