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This week on Instagram: lelaki_pendusta_

IndonesiaA few weeks ago I featured the Instagram account @earthpix in my weekly IG post and a photo from this talented artist was one of the images I included in that write up so I figured I would revisit this Indonesian’s Instagram account and feature it for all of you who love dramatic landscapes.

All of the photos taken are done on Lelaki’s Sony A7R, which means nothing to me but presumably is of note to any of you amateur or professional photographers out there looking to capture your own images on Instagram.

You can follow this Instagram account at, instagram.com/lelaki_pendusta_.

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This week on Instagram: bearded_selfie

brazilianConsidering the near obsession that many seem to have when it comes to facial hair, I’m amazed it took me so long to discover this Instagram account, that has a very respectable (but not overwhelming) number of followers.

Above I’ve shared a particularly popular post of Flavio an airplane mechanic who lives in Belo Horizonte Brasil. Below I’ve shared an equally handsome selfie from a ginger named Andre who is from Germany (and like me) is left handed. Both of these men submitted their selfies and if you too have a beard and would like to add your photo to this popular account, start by following and send off the image as a DM. Not all photos can be posted but go ahead and give it a try.

You can follow this account on Instagram here, instagram.com/bearded_selfie.

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This week on Instagram: lerone.co

handsome black man, blueLerone Clarke-Oliver lives in London, is a PR professional loves Mariah Carey and is gay. More importantly he appears to post regularly and while most of his photos are casual solo pics like the one above, he does also clean up quite nice.

His comment in the post below and the many playful photos he shares makes me think Lerone is probably quite funny and fun to be around. I recommend checking out what he’s been up to of late by adding Lerone to your feed.

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No. I’m not the waiter!🙄🤣🤨

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You can follow this account on Instagram here, instagram.com/lerone.co.

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This week on Instagram: Earthpix

nature photographyThis Instagram account is a must for fans of photography and travel. The person behind this gorgeous feed is Eric Damier who says he is on a mission to inspire everyone to travel more.

As you can see, the account’s posts are filled with breathtaking images like the one shared above from Kota Makassar Indonesia taken by IG’er @lelaki_pendusta and mind blowing videos like this one from the Maldives.

You can follow this account on Instagram here, instagram.com/earthpix.

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This week on Instagram: brandyboy

Brandy MartignagoWhile Brandy Martignago doesn’t have millions of followers, he just might already be in your feed. With approximately 100,000 followers on Instagram, you may have stumbled upon him once or twice as a recommended feed. I first learned about this handsome Aussie when Matt over at boyculture blog featured a number of his photos in his post here.

There’s not much more that I can tell you about this guy other than the fact that he is clearly photogenic and extremely handsome. Many of his photos may be considered risque for places of work since he is not opposed to wearing barely any clothing or in some cases none at all so you’ve been warned! Having said that, you can follow his account on Instagram here, instagram.com/brandyboy.

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This week on Instagram: jo_ji_art

jo ji art, gay cartoonThis week I’m featuring the Instagram account of a talented cartoonist / illustrator based out of Thailand who uses the handle, @jo_ji_art.

I don’t really know much more about the artist other than he posts regularly and draws the same character sometimes solo but often with other beefy cartoons – which I assume might be his partner. If you like what you see, definitely follow him on Instagram (a link to his account is below) or you can also purchase his book on Etsy, Jo Ji Art The Poster Collection.

Follow them on Instagram here, instagram.com/jo_ji_art.

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This week on Instagram: dancingkane

chris kaneThis week I’m featuring the Instagram account of Chris Kane. The photo above was to promote last year’s Broadway Bares which raises money for the charity Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS.

I was first made aware of Chris’ account through a mutual friend, Brian M. and I think for anyone who likes Broadway, following Chris would be a real treat. At the moment Chris is the Assistant Choreographer/Dance Captain/Swing for the US National Tour of Kinky Boots so there are lots of photos of Chris as he tours the U.S. With just under 3,000 Instagram followers, I’m assuming this Instagram account is one flying under your radar so check it out and follow him.

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🚨SAPPY POST ALERT🚨 During my Senior year of High School, I applied to what was then my dream school – Emerson College. And I didn’t get in. I remember getting that rejection letter and crying on the kitchen floor from the disappointment. I thought that meant I would never get the education I needed to in order to become a ‘successful’ performer. But, I picked myself up off that floor and I went to UMass Amherst instead. I created my own major there and have a degree I am very proud of. And now after a few challenges, lessons learned, some yes’s and a lot of no’s, many years later, I got to perform on this stage in Boston at Emerson College. l have been teary eyed all week while I experienced a literal dream come true. And especially this weekend from the outpouring of love and support that I received from all the friends and family members who came out to see me strut in these boots. Thank you to everyone who came out to see the show. You have no idea how much it touched my heart to have you there. I am leaving Boston with a full heart and will always remember these moments and cherish them deeply. I love you all. ❤️ • • • • • • • #everybodysaytour #kinkyboots #kinkybootstour #kinkybootsus #kinkybootsthetour #broadway #nationaltour #tourlife #swingnation #dancecaptain #assistantchoreographer #maledancer #maledancers #theater #musical #musicaltheatre #musicaltheater #travel #standforlove #changetheworldwhenyouchangeyourmind #thirdtimeisacharm #gay #gayguys #instagay #muscle #gaysofinstagram #gaymuscle #gayfit #fitfam

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Follow them on Instagram here, instagram.com/dancingkane.

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