This week on Instagram: sape91

So I have to thank blogger Kenneth in the 212 who first made me aware of this Italian ballet dancer who lives in Brooklyn, when he shared this New York Post story back in late January. Apparently, Saverio Pescucci caught the attention of a Facebook group when he was looking for a roommate earlier this year. In the article he is quoted as saying, “I saw a lot of people … posting pictures of themselves, like selfies and casual photos, to show that they’re not sociopaths or what kind of lifestyle they have,” Pescucci, 29, told The Post. “I did the same [but] I was not imagining that it would turn into an episode of ‘The Bachelor.’ “

The story has a happy ending. Apparently, Pescucci eventually found a place in Williamsburg but not from his viral post which garnered 600 likes and more than 400 comments! If you’d like to follow this handsome dancer, check out his Instagram account. He is fairly active posting selfies and poses of him dancing like the one I shared below.

You can follow this week’s featured account on Instagram here, and you can check out previously featured IG accounts here.


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