This week on Instagram

As we head into the summer, I am re-evaluating this weekly post. I started it to share profiles I enjoy following, and accounts featured have ranged from mancandy modelicious accounts to spectacular travel photographers, to culinary instagrmmers and artist who have caught my eye.

Do you enjoy this weekly post. I’m contemplating replacing “This week on Instagram” in the fall with something new. If you’re curious to see Instagram profiles that have been featured, click here.

6 responses to “This week on Instagram

  1. Same. I really like this feature too, and have started following a number of the accounts featured here.


  2. I agree with all of the comments below.


  3. I really do enjoy your Instagram suggestions!


  4. I like the instagram post. I would keep it.


  5. I’m very appreciative that you curate and introduce me to people and things I wouldn’t otherwise come across!


  6. I love this feature and have followed a number of accounts you have highlighted.



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