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Sunday morning humor: Have you heard?

If this made you smile, you’re not alone. More than 81 million Americans feel the same way. Feel free to share.

Describe 2020 in one word or photo

Describe this past year in a word or photo by adding it as a comment to this post. I’d love to scroll through and see what people share. I’ve started things off by sharing this meme that I created.

I would also like to wish you a happy and healthy 2021.

Halloween humor

Maybe this will only make sense to my Italian-American friends.

Dominic Thiem’s ass distracts us again

Dominic Thiem is a top ranked tennis player from Austria who won his first Grand Slam title, The US Open, earlier this year. However, one might say it is his assets off the tennis court that continue to get my attention.

Back in 2017 my post Dominic Thiem butt distracts TV commentators got a lot of attention from readers so I’m assuming that the photos of Thiem’s lime green derriere as shared by the Instagram atpdudes will have a similar affect on my readers and possibly result in creating a few more tennis fans.

Boston Tops

humorApparently the Prudential Mall is where you go for Boston Tops. Who knew?

dyslexia much?

20130824-210821.jpg I’m sure you needed to read this twice too. Thanks to Izzoiz for sharing.