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Men in kilts

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Men in kilts

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Men in kilts

Scottish model, Scottish Rugby player, handsome, hunkHandsome Scottish Rugby player Thom Evans looks right at home on the catwalk with his kilt and rugby ball in hand.

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Swimsuit preferences

mens swimwearSummer in New England means long sunny and humid days, which is why Boston can feel all but abandoned as residents flee to the islands, Cape Cod, Newport and the coast of Maine. What all of these destinations share are great beaches which means many of you are probably shopping for a bathing suit.

I thought I’d share my two cents on different bathing suit styles and include links to some brands you may want to check out.

bathing suits for men, men's swimwearSwim Trunks or Shorts (not to be confused with the much longer inseam of the surf-inspired Board Shorts) is not that popular with most of my friends but is a cut I feel comfortable wearing. The cut can range anywhere from the mid thigh to just above the knee. I like the versatility of these cuts, and how forgiving they can be if your stomach happens to be more curved than flat.

men's bathing suits, men's swimwearSquare Cut Trunks are also another personal favorite cut which I think is flattering for most body types. I think these are also great because your tan line won’t be seen when you walk around town wearing shorts.

men's swimwear, men's bathing suitsBriefs a.k.a. Speedos are the skimpiest of cuts and very popular, although I have never been comfortable wearing this cut unless swimming competitively. Having said that, I am a big fan of other people wearing this cut.

Shopping for a bathing suit? Check out these brands which aggressively market themselves to the gay community.

2 (X) IST

Do you have a preferred style to wear or a favorite brand? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Men in kilts

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I’m not sure if it is the model or stripes but this week’s post makes me dizzy.

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Men in kilts

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Modus Vivendi Glamour Line

gay, fashionJust in time for the holiday season, Modus Vivendi has released their Glamour Line inspired by the Glam rock style invented in the 70s in the UK. Regardless of the inspiration, the collection contains so many sequins you can make the case that they are festive enough to wear at December’s Underbear party at The Alley.

Modus Vivendi Glamour Line

While the Glamour tanktop and low cut brief shown above aren’t my personal style, a  magician on the next Atlantis Cruise or their ‘helper’ might love it.

My aesthetic runs more to the Modus Vivendi Dali line (specifically their boxers) shown below. BTW, I’m a medium – just in case you wanted to send me a pair. I prefer strong graphic prints to sequins for my underwear.