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A bra for your balls

Every once in a while I read an article and have to wonder if the editor of The Onion has traded places just to pull the leg of its readers. Such is the case with Fast Company’s article this past Monday, about Hane’s new underwear, which is described as “a bra for your balls“.

I’ve never been obsessed with underwear the way many gay men are but reading this article has also reminded me of the chasm that I sometimes feel separates many gay men from their heterosexual counterparts. The article expounds that “pouches are a growing trend in men’s underwear.” Really? I can’t tell if the writer is having fun with puns or if until recently, Hanes underwear model was a Mattel Ken doll?

The craziest part of the article is that it took Hanes two years to design their “Total Support Pouch”, and they have a patent pending on the design. While I’m sure everyone is high-fiving themselves over at Hanes, nobody is going to want that patent. The thin strip of fabric appears as if it will give guys a bit of breathing space but it looks more befitting for the balls of a 12 year old boy (let alone the rest of the guy) for all the contouring it provides. Nevermind it looks ugly as f***. However, I will give Hanes props for the cheeky marketing, which I didn’t previously associate with the brand.

Some popular underwear brands that target the gay market seem to better understand the male anatomy and provide far better cupping for both his sausage and meatballs if you get my drift. Although the price point is a bit higher, I would be willing to bet that most men would prefer their wives buy their bras from Victoria Secret rather than Target. For all the straight men out there (not that you’d be reading this blog) splurge and spend a bit more than $19.99 for a pack of three Hanes white briefs and you might be surprised by how much more comfortable you are.

The article is both funny and eyeroll worthy. If nothing else it has inspired me to purchase underwear so hat tip to Fast Company but I’ll pass on the new Hanes design.

Much thanks to Rob Orange for bringing this article to my attention.

Thank you JJ suspenders

handsome, hunk, black man in suspendersWhile the photo above is not from JJ Suspenders, I figured such a dapper image might give you pause to take a closer look at this post which is really my way of saying “Thank You” to JJ Suspenders.

Below you can see the surprise gift that was mailed to me last week. While I don’t have any pants that have suspender buttons sewn into them, Sergio does and this will look fantastic on him. If you don’t own suspenders, check out JJ Suspenders’ “Style Guide” on everything from selecting the right size to choosing the best form and style for your personality.JJ Suspenders come in a variety of styles and colors and are available for purchase online with free shipping available for orders of $50 or more.

JJ Suspenders

Men in kilts

Previous Men in Kilts Posts

Modus Vivendi Glamour Line

gay, fashionJust in time for the holiday season, Modus Vivendi has released their Glamour Line inspired by the Glam rock style invented in the 70s in the UK. Regardless of the inspiration, the collection contains so many sequins you can make the case that they are festive enough to wear at December’s Underbear party at The Alley.

Modus Vivendi Glamour Line

While the Glamour tanktop and low cut brief shown above aren’t my personal style, a  magician on the next Atlantis Cruise or their ‘helper’ might love it.

My aesthetic runs more to the Modus Vivendi Dali line (specifically their boxers) shown below. BTW, I’m a medium – just in case you wanted to send me a pair. I prefer strong graphic prints to sequins for my underwear.


Converse shares “Yes To All” a LGBTQ inspired collection

Converse PrideBoston-based sneaker company, Converse, have shared their new LGBTQ-inspired collection “Yes to All” in honor of Pride Month. Proceeds raised from sales of the limited edition collection will go to It Gets Better and The Happy Hippie Foundation, both of which support the mission to create and inspire positive outcomes in the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth.

To see the full collection and to buy one of sneakers and / or t-shirts visit:

Yes To All 

Diesel’s ad campaign: Make love not walls

Have you seen Diesel’s new ad campaign, Make Love Not Walls? The campaign launched on Valentine’s Day is all about tearing down the mental and physical walls that separate us so we can come together in the name of unity and love. Much thanks to Sergio for sharing this with me.

The Underwear Expert shares NYE traditions from around the world

Underwear traditions for New Year's Eve, NYEI posted this last year but thought it worth reposting again. The Underwear Expert Blog asked their handsome style report, Jared North, to try on a variety of underwear types and colors based on traditions from different countries. Most of these traditions are meant to bring success, health or a better love life in the New Year.  Which tradition will you be following when you slip on your underwear Saturday night?

Garçon Model Black Friday sale

underwear, swimsuit, speedoThe photo above of Paul Revesz by Ted Sun wearing a Garçon Model swimsuit may make you wish you hadn’t eaten quite as much turkey but there is plenty of time to work that off unlike the Black Friday sale going on at Garçon Model.

Do a little shopping for yourself, your boyfriend or me (I like their Dodge Briefs) and take an extra 30% as a special gift from the Garçon team when you use promo code BLACK30.


P.E.M. exhibit is for shoe lovers

Peabody Essex Museum

Shoes: Pleasure and Pain
On view November 19, 2016 to March 12, 2017

The Peabody Essex Museum (P.E.M.) in Salem has an exhibit for all you fashionistas and shoe fanatics with their latest exhibit, Shoes: Pleasure and Pain.

According to the exhibit’s webpage, you can “explore the creativity of footwear from around the globe through more than 300 pairs of shoes, ranging from elaborate vintage designs to those by contemporary makers.”

The exhibit cannot but help remind me of this YouTube classic. 

Top 10 Decade Defining Fashion Trends of the 1990s

Did you happen to see this video, Top 10 Decade Defining Fashion Trends of the 1990s? If you grew up in that decade you’ll likely remember (and possibly wince) at the memory of several of these trends that you may have fallen victim to.

Modus Vivendi: Rainbow Line swimwear

MV-RainbowLine-CampaignBannersModus Vivendi has been on a tear lately, and their most recent Rainbow Line shot in Cuba was hard for me (and I’m assuming you as well) to overlook.

The new color blocking swimwear line is available in eight different color combinations that are made from fast drying, high quality material. The classic brief cuts have cleverly designed backs to accentuate the positive (so to speak).

swimwear, bathing suit, blue, hot, handsome, hunk

Like what you see and want to place an order? Check out Modus Vivendi.

Boston Summah Trunk Show is June 2

James BishaiIn Boston, we don’t believe in using our R’s. Merchandise including t shirts, tanks and towels for sale at Watchout! Designs trunk show is next week on Thursday, June 2, 2016 at Tremont 647 in the South End. The fun starts at 6:00 pm. For more information check out their event page on Facebook here.

Watchout! Design Trunk Show, June 2 at 6PM at Tremont 647

Check out some of this year’s designs shared below. If you do not live nearby or cannot attend the trunk show on Thursday, June 2nd, reach out to the designer James Bishai through his design company Facebook page hereWatchout! DesignsWatchout! Designs Trunk Show


Modus Vivendi 2016 swimwear

bathing suitEarlier this spring the provocative underwear / male fashion line, Modus Vivendi, released their new bathing suit line.

While I’m not in any kind of shape to think about bathing suits, many will be hitting the beaches and pools regularly when Memorial Day Weekend officially kicks off the 2016 summer season. Modus Vivendi Neon line includes briefs, Brazil cut boxers, boxer briefs and boxer shorts in three vibrant colors including neon aqua, neon fuchsia and neon yellow.

I’ll just live vicariously through the images. Below are some of my favorites. All the photos were taken in Northern Greece and featured model, Sotiris Thomaidis by P2Photography. You can see the full line of the 2016 swimwear collection here and you can purchase these items in the US at International Jock.

Modus Vivendi swimsuitModus Vivendi swimsuit

If you like what you see you may also want to check out their towel line. I’ll settle for appreciating the ad campaign like this seductive photo.Modus Vivendi towels

Modus Vivendi photo shoots captured on video

Modus Vivendi is one of my favorite design labels for underwear, swimwear and accessories. The European label has been on a tear lately introducing a series of new collections this year and along with those products come tantalizing photos. Recognizing the appeal of their campaigns Modus Vivendi has also released videos of some of their favorite photo shoots like the one I’ve included from their new “Hole Line” which was shot in the streets of Madrid by Joan Crisol.

Like these videos? Peruse their other photo shoot videos for some of their most popular new lines of underwear, swimwear and accessories here.

Men’s underwear preferences

Diesel UnderwearBack in December I wrote a post and included an infographic about gay men’s underwear preferences that had been created and shared by The Underwear Expert blog, which you can read here.

Earlier this month HuffingtonPost published an article after teaming up with AskMen who surveyed 650 men about their underwear preferences. Below is the infographic that they compiled based on their research.

Interestingly, there was a difference in preference with The Underwear Expert blog that focused on gay men sharing that they preferred briefs (27%) and boxer briefs (22%) to the AskMen / HuffingtonPost survey which found that the overwhelming number of men buy boxer briefs (58%).men's underwear infographic