Delusions of a wanna be dictator

I will watch this pot and bring it to a boil!
More and more lies should help start this roil.
Now a dash of sedition to make more turmoil.

“My kingdom for a horse” he shouts into the air,
I need to poke, provoke and create dispair.

Hate and anger I’ll throw into the pot!
Stir it, stir it – can you smell the rot?
Lies and half truths will season this lot.

Double double toil and trouble,
Fire burn and caldron bubble.

The votes of 80+ million were what was required!
Even still, all those politicians balked and conspired.
But hear me now, on January 20th, “You’re fired!”

***** ***** *****

I know rhyming patterns can make poems sound like nursery rhymes, but for someone who only dabbles in poetry, a rhyming pattern gives some structure to my poems. I’ve never been particularly artful in my writing so there is none of the subtlety usually associated with poetry, but in this instance, I’m okay with that.


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